‘Assembly Tower’

Summarising my Assembly Tower Project

The client I have chosen to select is a multi-disciplinary artist, which wants to create multimedia pieces that are influences by the sun pattern and the reflection of the Bristol Channel. The artist creates these trinkets that are able to hang from a window, which then alters the colour of the sun as it penetrates though it. The artist would like to create sell and package the pieces from the building and using the internet to accesses her online shop.

Over the course of this project I went through a series of stages that I am about to brake down in this very blog.

To start of this project I viewed the building itself before hand and started to draw the current plans of the host building I then a series of mood bored below:


From that I then broke my building down to what furniture I need within the space to allow my client to function, what equipment need and what material need to be stored.

After finalising what I need within the space, I then started to draw different furniture within the building on top of photos I already had taken. I called these concepts. These are the concept I created:

I have ladled and annotated both concepts to its fullest potential.

Due to what my client did for a living I needed to look in to the sun pattern of the building, to see if the interior would work all year round. Because of the tricky sun pattern I created a couple of plans for the building but nothing fitted until I made one of the walls in to solid foldable glass. It then made it possible for the furniture that needed to be in the space, was able to be placed outside during exhibition that my client puts on ad rent the space for extra income.

I have created final Plan, Sections, AXO’s and one point prospective to allow you to see my envision. ‘How it Makes Me Feel’

Quote for this post:

Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Till your good is better and your better is best. St. Jerome

During the first couple of weeks, I was assigned a task. The task was to design and create a series of places (5), to be then photographed. Once photographed, the individual 5 item to the series will each create their own feel and will convey their own message.
The first module I create was a design that I created through multiple materials. Altogether I involved 4 materials; those being mount bored, cardboard, wrapping paper, acetate and the use of a coloured pen.

The design itself was a structure with multiple of folds achieving a 3 dimensional aspect. Before constructing this first design, I placed insertions, in shape from to allow myself to place other material in their place.

Once completing the first design I the photographed it and decided to name it “Tranquil”.  The reason for that is because I felt as if the design was calm and collecting but still holding it strong form.



For my second model I came up with the name Crevice. I named this following piece that, as I found the design to be self explanatory. To create the design I simple broke a section of polystyrene and then decided to inscribe in to it creating the name crevice. The design itself it just a simple made placed within it whole creating that allusion of an individual being in its own bubble not wanted to be

Shaun Morgan 'How Dose It Make Me Feel 4' 2018-19


For the third model within this series, I decided to use the material that was wasted among the student in my year (The wrapping of the tape.). To start this piece I simple used an off cut piece of mount bored and then used curled pieces of tape and using a scissors to execute the circles with init. I then just layered the rapping’s over each other to create the name layers, this is the result.

Shaun Morgan 'How Dose It Make Me Feel 6' 2018-19

The next instalment to this series, was a piece that I created by accident. I created this following piece by skimpily tarring lose and unused mount bored that was destined for the bin. I used theses different forms of bored to be then altered by how I could retract the layers that it held within it. After the material was now disfigured I then placed the multiple of piece within an area to complete my forth piece. I named the fourth instalment Torn as I felt as if the material I had used was torn and disfigured but was the most accomplished image I had achieved through this series. This is the fourth professional image I created from this series:

Shaun Morgan 'How Dose It Make Me Feel 1' 2018-19


My last instalment for the series of image I created was designed and created by using the same material as my second. For this last piece I wanted the feel as if the figure I placed was in the deep. To accomplish that I used a series of purposely made polystyrene block that have been placed in the creation of different path to mimic my head space during the summer. I had done this as I wanted to show how I was confused to what path I should take and what university to go to. This I the end result:

Shaun Morgan 'How Dose It Make Me Feel 5' 2018-19
In the Deep ‘Who Am I’

Quote of the week:

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”

Read more at:

After sharing and discussing a number of different treasured objects, we then moved on to gathering a mass amount of images. The reason for getting these images was to search for inspiration so our tutor can get an understanding of what interior designer I might become or be.  (The task as a whole was to gather 15-20 images that inspire me.)

To gather these images we were shown around the university’s liberty and were shown the section to where the art related books were located.

In the mitts of using this liberty time I came across multiple books but the main source of influence was from a book that was titled Architecture and Surrealism: A Blistering Romance, written by Neil Spiller. Apart from searching in countless books, I decided to just simply look for inspiration by using the internet.  Most of the images I gathered where based of, what I like within a specific interior. The vast majority of the images are black and white because that what I most like and what I am most drawn to.

After selecting and gathering a total of 21 images I then started to produce my actual Zine. To create the zine, we had a work shop with Nigel Bowels. He was the one that showed me, how to construct and produce this “Zine”. The thing was constructed though an A3 piece of paper, countless folds and an incision.

An image of my practice Zine:


In total I used 20 out of the 21 images, during making the final zine. Also using a series of wet and dry media to constructed and achieves a monochromatic finishes.  Once the booklet was finished I the processed to take image in a professional setting, this is the final result. Treasured Object

(Over the summer I was asked to create my most treasured object and think is what I did.)

The object I decided to re-create, as my most treasured object was my singular car key. I chose this object as I use my car all the time. I love to travel and have run my car round various places in Wales and limited places in England. For example I have travelled to places such as Aberystwyth, Devon, Bristol and Snowdon. From travelling in my card I also love the idea of travailing around Europe or using the university Erasmus scheme to study in different culture.

To re-create the car key I firstly imprinted the key in to a soft material named Clay. I pressed the key in to the medium to create the first stage, which was to achieve the mould. After the mould was accomplished, I then sourced another material; plaster. This medium would then construct the solid object of my object. To construct the object, I activated the powdered plaster with water to then be poured in to the mould previously created. After the mixture was poured and set, I then separated the set plaster from the soft mould to release my plaster mould. The mould resembled my key perfectly but as a personal preference I didn’t like the plaster, so I opted to change the colour of the object. I achieved that by using black spray paint witch then allowed the key to stand out from its base.

The object itself is about the size of an A5 piece of paper and need to be viewed from an above angle. The object is flat like a coaster and the key is placed in the centre to show that’s what I was making.

From creating this object and viewing other student objects, I could of created my car as a whole to show a sense of making and to how of all the attributes that I hold.

My Treasured Object

Introduction To Constellation

Term 1

Constellation week 1

Constellation; when given that word within my degree, I automatically thought “what the hell is that/or/this”.

As Thursday arrived, I entered the lesson with apprehension soon to be changed by how I oddly relaxed and allowed myself to be open to this subject (“Myth Making in Art and Design”).

As the lesson commenced, I was introduced to mythology and the philosopher, Roland Barthes. To my understanding Barthes questions, the singular meaning that’s given by the artist or writer. He says the meaning is created not by the artist, but by the viewer them self’s; and the meaning they create can also be altered by the course of that individual’s life part. This then creates multiple meaning for this individual art piece/ piece of text.

After coming out of the first constellation lesson, I have learnt that ‘Roland Barthes’ is something called a Post- Structuralist (an individual that looks at an item and think beyond their original meaning/ use.) Opposed to a Post-Structuralism (Only see’s an item for what it is.).

Within my own practice (Interior Design), I have come to the understanding that I would hope to be a Post- Structuralist. I say ‘hope’, as I am yet to explore fully into my own discipline. From my own knowledge I would hope to use furniture and other aspect of a room to create a Structuralist interior. Allowing the individual to destruct and question each aspect of my interiors. For example the individual would ask them self’s, why, how and what, pacific thing where within the spaces I create.

Looking forward within this constellation subject, I hope to become more familiar with Barthes work and being exposed to the mythology field. Also using what I learn to incorporate it within the work that I produce for my chosen area of design.

The First Instalment

My name? Well that’s Shaun. I hope to develop an understanding for Interior Design, aside from my knowledge within the fine art discipline.

During the start/end of summer, I’ve reflected on the completion of my own foundation exhibition. Within the exhibition I decided to focus my work within 2 disciplines (Fine Art and Interior Design.). These are the pieces that I created:

The tree different piece’s, all represent me using elements such as light, space, colour, form and line. I hope to act on my past research and develop a better knowledge for both disciplines, but focusing on the interior design aspect more.

From reflecting on my past work, I have now successfully joined and started the road to achieving my degree; in interior design. At the start of the university week, I was very apprehensive to how I would fit in. After becoming witness to the diversity of the students, tutors and peers around me, has made me feel at ease. Within the course, I have become excited by all the different disciplines that I can become inducted by. In particular, I am most intrigued by technical pattern design, 3D printing and the ability to form printing designs on fabric. This will then improve my own practice within the interior design world.

In the future, I wish to challenge my ability in every way. I want to strengthen my skills and become my own individual interior designer. I hope to find my strengths and weaknesses within the subject and act upon them in a professional manner.

Then again, how can I predict the future? I just hope to be influence by the experiences I’m faced with such as the course, living independently and the becoming of a practitioner. I also hope to look back on these memos and see if my ability to Wright improves in a through, descriptive, structured manner.

Quote of the week:

“We have to do the best we are capable of. This is our sacred human responsibility.”

Albert Einstein

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