Constellation level 5, Research Proposal


Here is the link to my essay:

Shaun Morgan Research Proposal

Subject Year 2 -Term 2&3: City Fit Week 7

Quote of the week:

The easiest way to become a superhero is NOW! Just Stay At Home!

Another week, another series of tasks to complete. During this seventh week I decided to start furnishing my building. By allocating a week to complete the basement within this host building, in total I have completed 5 room with all different purposeless. By going through the stage of furnishing the floor I have noticed that I have had to change a series of things to make the space function. One of the things I have had to implement is open or semi-transparent doors to communicate my design language, also need to place a cleaning cupboard within the hallway. I have used textures from the materials I sources independently, for example I have implemented wood textures on certain furnishings.

Here is an updated floor plan with furniture within it:

I also wanted to include imaged of what I have accomplished within the space, these following images are of the basement and all areas I have created though using that space:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Throughout the basement I will be using artificial lighting as the basement has no accesses to any form of natural light. In reaction to this I have altered my design langue to use lighter shades of grey to allow the room to feel more open and less centrophobic. I have also used my primary research to inform me design and how the design aesthetic needs to be.

During this time of furnishing the building I have also been carrying out research by just looking at the brand sites, using their new and upcoming campaigns as inspirations. Any pattern they might use or colours they might use frequently, I have taken notice in that and might implement the same colour within the interiors of the host building.

These are some of the updated images I have collated in the last couple of weeks:

Subject Year 2 -Term 2&3: City Fit Week 6

Quote of the week:

“We sail within a vast sphere, ever drifting in uncertainty, driven from end to end.”

-Blaise Pascal

Week 6, the beginning of 80% of self-direction. Gosh that weird to out into words, one of the tasks I needed to complete this week was achieving my second project review. This review only took serval hours as I already had the bulk of the work already completed.

This is the presentation/ review I created:

Second Review Presentaion

From that I am still yet to receive feedback as I had a family issue to deal with (I am now writing this in the middle of week 7). With working from home, I feel as if I’m struggling to create motivation to complete my work. As I don’t even have a desk within my room ate home, home. One of the pieces of feedback is why can’t we have our tutorials as it now week 2-3 of home studying and I am yet to Evan have any relevant feedback. But moving on, the next task I completed this week was getting a bulk of my sketch up building completed. I also started to think about furnishing the building but before I go ahead and complete that here is some image of the host building imagery:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Before going ahead and furnishing all of the building I wanted to own in on what materials I wanted. I know I completed a refined material research, but them images where all secondary sourced from online platform. In this case I individually resourced a series of different retailors and asked for samples that I may use for the textures within sketch up. The 5 different retailers kindly send a series of different samples (wood, carpets, leathers and fabrics).

Sourced Materials



Subject Year 2 -Term 2&3: City Fit Week 5

Quote of the week:

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Mahatma Gandhi

After finishing last week of by creating my final zoned plans. I decided to take it upon myself and start to create my final refinement on the plans. This is not to say I isn’t drawing them again. I have decided to stick to this final idea and of course I will produce more scale plans if things change because once you start to build within sketch up you notice things you need to change or edit a little. With my final plans I have drawn them to scale and have done each floor. I have completed this within my book as before they issued everything digital, I already created this, these scaled plans are drawn to a scale of 1:100.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once completing the work above I then decided to create the plans digitally. I used to sketch up to-do this it also then allowed me to tackle one of the points I needed to cover on my second review which was approaching. Again, like above I did half digital work and then printed and ladled by hand for my sketch book.

This is the work I produced:

Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 16.42.04

As you can see this allows you see what I plan for each floor and what activity will be going on in each area of the store.

The next thing this week I tackled was sketch up. With sketch up we was advised to focus on this later on but knowing what I am like with materials and creating or obtaining the right components takes me a longer in time. Knowing this I started this early and this is how I have achieved the next body of work. What I achieved was imagery of the host space as I decided to construct the shell of the host building including the different floors I created within the building. With the imagery I didn’t just take it from sketch up. I secondly placed it within photoshop. This then allowed me to create some visuals of the space using a range of different coloured.

(Most of my work I created though photoshop, to create digital sketchbook pages as it allows my sketch book to seem more professional in the way I produce it.)

These are the images I created:

Sketch up and Photoshop Imagery

The last thing I achieved this week was material refinement, at the start of the projects I looked into a range of different retail store to allow me to gain an idea of what a retail store look like. I also compared that to images I gain though making mood boards. These are different refined materials I have selected for my client. (Boohoo Man.)

Material Refinement




Subject Year 2 -Term 2&3: City Fit Week 4

Quote of the week:

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
Mae West

Week 4, these weeks are passing by as if nothing. During the fourth week I decided to start off by finalising my bubble diagram taking in all the feedback I have gained from my tutors and then creating a final bubble diagram by also looking at then past ones I created to show refinement. With the final bubble diagram, I thought to keep all of the floors but cutting section of them out, this then would allow the consumer to be able to see all of the details within the building. also making the architecture modern.

Before drawing a final bubble diagram, I decided to take an extra measure and create another accommodation schedule, but this time explain in more detail. I decided to talk about what I need within each floor in stead of a general overview. The accommodation schedule can be found in my book, but I will place an image of what I have created below:

Screenshot 2020-03-20 at 14.15.18

This is the final bubble diagram I created:

Final Bubble diagram

(note: I have tabled this by hand and have placed it within my sketch book, see more inside.)

From created the above bubble diagram I then decided to create a zoned plan to scale. I printed out each floor to scale and then drew out every aspect of what I want on each floor with measurements. This then allowed me to show how I wanted the different floor to be. I also drew in the extra stair and wall that I will be implementing within the building. This zoned plan will be included in my second review and is also located within my book. During the end of the week I decided to create another model that just shows what I plan to do with the different floors. This then allows me to gain an idea of what it will look like before creating it digitally. The model is created using foam board and it is to scale.

This is the model:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Subject Year 2 -Term 2&3: City Fit Week 3

Week 3

Quote of the week:

“Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.”
― Leonardo da Vinci

To start the third week within my subjected, I started off by creating an accommodation schedule. Within this accommodation schedule I listed a range of different item or things I would need to make the clients retail store work. I have created this accommodation schedule digitally. I hope to create another accommodation schedule in more depth, looking into each floor and what areas I am using for different things.


After creating an accommodation schedule. I then started to produce a series of bubble diagrams; in total I have created three. Within these three I have played around with the space I have to work with, and these are the different plans I created.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Before going straight into zoned plans, I decided to indicate different aspects of the building though images. I have looked at the form of the building, the views, the entrance and the detail the budding holds. Within these ages I have also annotated to why I have done this. (This is essential adding to my host building analysis, like I said I would.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From creating these different bubble diagram, I have created zoned plans to replicate the bubble diagrams within the host plans. I have done this for each bubble diagram and have placed them within my sketch book, these are scanned images of what they look like within my book.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As an extra this week, I decided to individually enrol myself within an open house workshop. This workshop would benefit my subject as it will allow me to create model more efficiently. The workshop I did was to learn how to use illustrator for the laser cutter. (As I hope to create a more professional model toward the end of this FMP. I have yet to make a model this way so probably aim to do that in the coming weeks.)

This then concludes week 3


Subject Year 2 -Term 2&3: City Fit Week 2


Quote of the week:

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

My client 

Once selecting my host building, I then selected a client that I admire as a brand and what their type of design is. The brand I have selected is boohooman. Boohoo man is an online retailer that just exclusively for men. Within the city centre, they are yet to have a dedicated shop just for men’s clothing. I have done further research on the band and this image is what I accomplished:

During the second week, I then continued on with research. For my individual research, I decided to look into arrange of different shops with different price tags and interiors. As my client is an online retail brand their price point is average. Taking this in to account I looked in to three different stores. The first store I looked in to was Primark. I have taken primary evidence within the store and have noticed that they stick to their branding identity with is blue. I matched paint chips to the colour that they use all around the store. I also matched fabric samples to the furnishing they placed within certain parts of the shop. I also noticed within this store is that if the line of clothing is a permanent one, they make the display area more interesting. Placing selfie point using lighting and text to make it stand out. I should use this idea within the store I am designing. The second shop that I looked in to was Next, Next is known for being somewhat a middle ground retail shop as their items are priced above average. One of the differences I noticed within Next was that their display windows are very dressed and design according to the season or line that they’ve just produced. So, within the boohoo shop I need to create displays for the consumer to image what it like within a certain setting. Again I have match paint chips and fabric that represents their store. Finally the last shop I decided to look in to was John Lewis, this store is known for being a pricy shop.  When entering the shop they are certain areas for certain things and certain areas for different departments. Within this store they have a ethos of greeting every customer and you always get approached wondering if you need assistance. So a welcome desk might be an idea to 9lace within the store. This store also hooded art installation and Fancey technology as displays. I have placed a series of different images I gained by going to the store within my sketch book.

These are the series of primary research pages I created within my sketch book:


After accomplishing a heavy task within the second week it lead me to create a simple, And basic model. I created the following model out of foam board and hope to further develop and create a series of them in the coming weeks.

The next task within week one was to use the research of the client and draw some initial drawing. In total I drew 4 designs based if my clients recent campaign. The drawing themselves are designs of display units that can be used for the garments from the brand.

These are the designs:

This then concluded week 2.

Subject Year 2 -Term 2&3: City Fit Week 1

Quote of the week:

“We are set in our ways, bound by our perspectives and stuck in our thinking.”
– Joel Osteen

After completing the second field of the year the next task was to focus in on interior design. the following Tuesday after the submission I was introduced to the next stage of the same module within subject. This second part has been given the name “City Fit”. It been given the name as all the host buildings are somewhat in the city or lead to the main city of Cardiff.

In total I have been given the option to selected one building out of four, each of these buildings have been given a different scenario. Before selecting the location, I wanted. I looked into each host building and took photographs to allow me to remind myself of the beauty of each location. To further understand each building I then created an A4 research page of each building looking into their locations and some positive and negative aspects their location holds. Also commenting if the scenario was a right fit for the location.

These are images of what I completed and spoken about above:


To summarise the building and their scenarios:

1 Bute street station, Leisure: Art Centre or Art Gallery.

2 limerick house, Health care: Health centre or support centre.

3 Queen street HSBC building: Retail: Clothing Store.

4 The Hayes, Education: Learning and Training Centre.

In my case I have chosen to design option 3 (Queen street HSBC building: Retail: Clothing Store.)

The reason for chosen this design, I feel as if it can relate to both constellation and field which would when create a transdisciplinary design. I also think the building is in a prime location for a rattail store and within Cardiff certain types of shops are missing.

After selecting my location, I then went ahead and created a host building analysis, including a map of the building location and the attraction that surround it. I then looked into the different sun paths and also including images of the space and building. (As it is only week one, I hope to further develop these pages.)

From the analysis, I then moved on to influential images and things that I became inspired by. This is one of the things I learn within field to constantly create mood boards to reflect and refine the work that I’m doing. The image before is just general images that I find inspirational or might want to develop further within my designs. I have spoken in detail within the annotation of the page.

This is the work:


As I was in the stage of thinking back to my field subject interior styling. I decided to look back with that book and see if there was any activities I could use to gain more insight to what I might want to design. so, I decided to use 3 mood boards to include certain aspects of design. the first mood board textures and materials, the second pattern and plain and then the third form and shape. (Side note, I think this has allowed me to stretch my potential and look into detail of object, space and experience.)

These are the three mood boards


This then concluded week 1.


Field yr 2 -Term 2: Teaching in Art & Design Week 5 , Reflective Statement

Field yr2 -Term 2: Teaching in Art & Design Week 5, Reflective Statement


Reflective statement

While on my placement in Cardiff high school, I have overcome and dealt with a range of different situations. I have come to terms with a range of different things that work and what doesn’t work within a classroom. One of the biggest challenges within Cardiff highs art department, was when the head of art (eve) was off ill and I was thrown in the deep end. This is when I was asked to deliver my antiracism lesson plan unexpectedly, the class contained 35 student and in yr. 9. This is something I was unaware that I hate to do so it didn’t go quite as planned as I was on my own. One of the things I could really work on is my confidence, I struggle with a stutter for most of my life and I find it hard to sometimes express my words as anxiety and nerves stop me. Within the classroom, one technique I made my self-do was to not hold back and think of question to ask the student to integrate more and to allow the student to get used to me being in the class. To improve my professional development, I could try not to worry about the different possibilities of a negative outcome and instead think of positive outcomes.

I think what makes me a good first-time teacher is when I am placed with the older children within the school. I have a need to help children to succeed in life and any help or advice they need I’m more than welcome to help or provide skills they might need. Within the school, I was placed with year 11 class. This one student (boy) was going to place a tittle within his art board and it didn’t look very nice. So, I approached his and asked if he needed help as he looked a bit distressed. He said yes, he spoke about his tittle and where to put it as it didn’t fit. So, I suggested he looked at the other student within the class and see the ways has done it. So, I suggested he wright on the actual white board with a white pen. I also asked him to wright extra information on his boards using the same font. The information I told him to wright about was the different influences he has gained from the different artist he has chosen to look in to. This was most rewarding part of teaching Seeing joy and relief on his face as the influence of me help him get on track.

To say I want to become a high school teacher would be a lie as I didn’t enjoy the whole experience and seemed as if my whole day was just revolving around the kids. I want a job where I could teach older children but also having the freedom of coming back to my original discipline (interior design.). I was shocked that eve (the head of the art department) offered to wright us a reference and would love to have us back, but it’s not for me.

Field yr 2 -Term 2: Teaching in Art & Design Week 4

Quote of the week:

“The glow of one warm thought is to me worth more than money.”

-Thomas Jefferson

Fourth week in school:

 Observational notes:

This fourth week is the last post I will be writing observational as it’s the las week I will be spending in Cardiff high. To make this post special I am going to wright about every lesson within the last three days. I will also include and extra part where I will talk about what I have done within the art clubs. This week there will be two clubs were me alongside meg will be taking it and running it ourselves. I assume this week will be bittersweet as I will not be able to return to Cardiff high unless I choose to do a PGCE.


Lesson one Year 8s

Within this year 8 class, they were taught the technique of positive and negative painting. This is when they paint an object in this case it was leaves. The paint the outside of the leaf’s is negative and will be dark. The positive is the object to it would be lighter. This lesson seemed really goof for the student as they seem the differences different techniques can create.

  • Within the lesson I sat at two different tables and the student where paint the objects, so I showed them how I did it, so they see first-hand what I was doing instead of it being on a screen.
  • If the student finished, I suggested getting a fine liner to create more detail.

Lesson two Year 9s

This next class I was again with year 9s and they seemed to be a bit behind on the food sculpture compared to other classes. One of the students was still constructing the shell of the sculpture so I opted to help. So, I build up his structure and started to papier Mache for him to hurry him along, which made him really appreciative of my help.

  • I see this as my calling and rushed to help. I also told the other student within my table to use the brown paper it will then create the look of a doughnut.
  • Another girl was creating an ice create and she seemed to be almost finished so I suggested to her to make a flake to place within the ice cream. This them occupied her time within this lesson and allowed other students to catch up.

Lesson three Year 8s

After the year 9 class I was greeted by a range of year 7s. this lesson seemed very different to the rest. At the start of the lesson the teacher arranged a 10-minute activity where the students needed to draw the rest of a leaf and focusing on tonal drawing. After the activity was completed, they then got shown a tracing paper technique. They used tracing paper to trace a leaf that they produced, they then needed to use that tracing paper to draw a buddle of 4-5 leafs.

  • Keeping an eye on the they were producing the work.
  • Time management.
  • Asking how the student where getting on with the set work.
  • Also, joining in on the lesson. Creating a page of the work that was set to show an example of what, I would do as an individual at that school.


Lesson one Year 10s

As this year has picked this subject to do as a GCSE they were in the mist of their project of cultures. The year 10s last week went on a trip to Pitt rivers as part of their project. When on their trip they needed to take images of things they could draw or get inspired by within the theme of culture. 6 drawing need to be produced by the next art lesson which was this lesson. Within this lesson they need to collate the 6 images and photocopy their culture sheet to be placed on an A1 art board.

  • I assisted on the alteration of layout with the artboards as the student were a bit self-critical of their own intuition.
  • I made sure that the year 10s were being productive instead of talking and sitting their confused.

Lesson two Year 7s

This next lesson was the last lesson on the Wednesday. The lesson itself was taken over by a supply teacher as miss Davies was off sick. So, the task within the year 7 was to produce 6 small drawings that relate to Kate melons ceramic verses. They also needed to draw vegetables that relate to the verses themselves.

  • Within the class the teacher struggling to keep them quiet, so I stepped in and make the glass quite by shushing them.
  • One of the students on my tables finished all the work so I suggested to colour them and use a fine liner to add more detail effects and to make the piece of work more finished.
  • Another thing I did within the table was to assign the kids on the table different task when tidying away as they wanted to buy doughnuts on break, so I suggested they do these things to be ready to get out the door on time.

(Did not attend Thursday due to illness)


  1. One of the things I needed to do in week 4, was to carry on with the art club. I created a second lesson plan for that lesson, and I planned to allow the student to carry on with their posters. I also prepared for new student to walk in and join in which happened. With this lesson me and meg sat on the table and started to make conversation about anti-racism and school life. This then made the student more relaxed and the student started to make more friends which was very rewarding to see.

After the club was over the students made some huge improvement and would only need about another lesson to finish of their poster. This will not be held with me as I will be leaving Cardiff high on Thursday as it the end of my placement. (Art club was cancelled due to mis Davies being ill.)

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