Subject Year 3 – Term 1: Perform Post 2

Subject Year 3 -Term 1: Perform Post 2

Quote of the post:

“I am a slow walker, but I never walk back.” 
– Abraham Lincoln

Final Year!!!!

Following on from post one, I’m going to use this opportunity to highlight the different aspects of what I have created throughout the projects named preform. I also aim to highlight my experiences and learning curves within this currant project.

After receiving feedback from the first crit, the first thing I wanted to do was work on the things I needed to improve. As this is a reflective blog post I will talk about it when I come to it in the future sentences. From creating my SWOT analysis, I then went on to gain influential images to gain inspiration and idea for the design I wanted to create within the boneyard. One of the main things I wanted to do was to carry over the brand that my client has built already but improving it and making it a more refined interior to build the representation on the brand that is Live Lounge. When looking for these inspirational images, I thought back to my time in field last year. Within field I selected to explore interior styling and the teaching within that model was to break your design first by getting a broad selection of images, I gathered these images though Pinterest and WGSN. This is the first mood board I created.

By looking for these broad images is to allow me as a designer to get a foot in the door to what I want to create. Tt allows me to elaborate on ideas and techniques that I have learn within my time in university. To own in on what I wanted to design I then created a further 3 mood boards that all has unique tittles and only included what was in the tittle of each mood board. The tittles I named these three mood boards are Form and Shape, Pattern and plains and finally Texture and Materials. This is a technique I learnt within interior styling. With the mood boards I have created I’d like to say I would love to learn how to improve my skill within photoshop as I have seen many other industry designers use this programme to create amazing visual mood boards. I wouldn’t say I’m bad at using the software as I use it all the time, but I isn’t the best, so it shows that I need to improve that aspect of my designing process. These are the following mood boards I created for the project preform.

While reflecting on the mood boards I created within the first half of my project I wanted to say how I’m glad I have kept to most of what I said I wanted to design. I have also strayed from what I originally what as the client I have selected has a brand “image” so keeping to that is what I’m doing but also using elements of trends such as the designing with darkness as I believe that the trend has influenced my design and improved the brand image of my client by making the interior more unified.

After selected and creating a series of mood boards, I then went on to focus on the structural aspect of my space, and to do that I needed a structure. The very first thing I then did was to create a series of bubble diagrams. Bubble diagrams are a creative way to allow one’s self to get an idea of what you need within a space you aim to create. Also, by creating a series of these bubble diagrams has also given me and idea of shape to what structure to create. I will also say by drawing and experimenting with structure previously within this project has also given me an incentive to where I may place certain aspects of my design. for my project I decided to create 3 variations of each floor, at first, I wasn’t aware that I might need more than one floor but when in the flow of designing I realised I need a ground floor, a first floor and a second floor. 

These are the different variations of the floor:

After creating all the above variations, I then thought to conclude all of the diagrams into a final bubble diagrams to base my design off. This then will be what I will base my design of and will also show how I have used initiative to refine my designing processes. 

I also want to say that following a final bubble diagram to is hard because sometimes structure is different to when you actually build it and also not having any scaled to base a bubble diagram of shows how slow a design might take as a lot of thought need to be considered about aspects of structural design.

From realising the above I then wanted to finalise my structure and allow the creative magic to happen. So, I decided to go on and create and finalise a structure that will inform the design I have today. When creating a structure of shipping containers, I wouldn’t say it was easy, but it was simple. Putting multiple of them next to each other and on top almost like playing dominos or Jenga. I saw the shipping container almost like a game butting blocks together to create a bigger block and before I knew it, I had a structure created. This is the structure that I stuck to.

Once knowing I was at the point where my structure was finalised, I then went on to create my zoned plans. At this point of my design I felt as if I wasn’t going anywhere but as soon as I got stuck into this task everything seemed to come together. I say this as when I selected the empty location, I didn’t anticipate being both architect and interior designer and how long of a design process I will be adding by taking up the responsibility of an architect. As I haven’t explored that rote within an interior project, so I was keen to take on the responsibility but in reality, it did add to the workload. In light to that I am glad I have done it as I know learnt how to create a 2-floor structure with shipping containers.

These are the different zoned plans I created:

After messing around with plans and where I might place certain things within my host building, I then myself initiative to produce a final zoned plan that I will try and stick to. Within the final zoned plan, I took element of each of the different ones I have created previously to get a solid refined zoned plan. Within the documents I have placed in my blogs have reflective statements about the journey within the project preform.  This is what I am going to base the design on.

To conclude my second reflective post, I have decided to end it by looking into materials. The reason I have done this as this was the feedback, I received from my first critical review. When looking for different company I wanted to see what different company there were that had economical values. Inside the documents I have locked into a range of economical Brands that I have become influenced by read the following to understand what I have discovered.

Subject Year 3 – Term 1: Perform Post 1

Subject Year 3 – Term 1: Perform Post 1

Quote of the post 

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” 
– Mahatma Gandhi

Info about Quote of the week/post:

Over the 3 years that I have been doing my degree, I have been writing these different posts about my experiences of University and what I’ve been learning throughout it. Writing blog posts was something I’d hated doing at the start of my course, but I needed to do it to meet the requirements of my degree. Now in my final year I find myself enjoying to write, I go the extra mile by trying to make the post my own. For example, placing a quote at the top of each post to sum up that week’s learning/ experience.

Final Year!!!!

A sight that I never thought I would see, an achievement that I hold dearly.

 Back to Subject…

For my first project within interior design, I was given the brief named “Preform”. The brief stated the following (Not My Words):

“Your Design Brief.  The performance area is the main driver for the venture. This area should provide the opportunity for a single or small group of performers to hone their artistic expression with a live audience.  Performers will breathe energy into the venture, with performances invariably having strong political, social, and/or cultural significance. The area should incorporate a range of appropriate atmospheric devices – props, stage, lighting, special effects, etc. – responding to your chosen Performing Arts genre and supported by the necessary stagecraft.”

In response to the brief, I have selected to choose the boneyard as my host building. For the host building, I have selected to create a live venue bar that will showcase a range of different musically talented people. The client I have selected to base this project around is a company named Live Lounge. I selected the following company as I have had first-hand experience of working within the company and believe I can design a new and inviting venue that will be temporary and also bearing the restriction COVID-19 in mind.

The host building location… 

As mentioned above I have selected the host building named “The Bone Yard”. In total I was given the option of three different locations, but this was the one I liked the most. The site itself is known to house small businesses that are based in shipping containers. The location for this site is Paper Mill Rd, Cardiff CF11 8DH. Below is some more information I created and have included within my digital work.

Through exploring the site has allowed me, as a designer, to see all the unique properties that it holds. For example, the site is surrounded by working train tracks that are in constant use througout the day. Also, the site can only be accessed by one-way road and 2 walk-ways. When creating the document above I wanted to display a series of thoughts, I did this to remind myself about the site and why I chose the location.

After looking into the site, I then started to create a host building analysis. The host building analysis is where I create and look into the building location and exploit what around it. As you can see, I have placed my host building analysis below. Within the document I have included various, four of which will inform the design I will create. For those four diagrams I have placed a map view of the location of the boneyard, three different sun paths that show the sun path over the year in three different months, I have then sourced a second area view of the location and then highlighted the trains that run daily around the host locations. Finally, I independently went to the location to take primary images. On these images I have highlighted the different important points of the location that I need to stay aware of. See below for more detail.

As I was speaking about the images, I had taken of the site just then. I have created a separate document of the images I had taken to display the images that I captured. Not too sure what else to say about these images other than I am going to use them in the feature of my design process.

Once I got a feel for the location, this then informed the client I chose, as the place is very resourceful and urban looking. This then made me conclude to selecting a Cardiff based business. I made this decision as the original Bone Yard houses Cardiff based small businesses in an open atmosphere. So, the client I have selected for my final major project is a live venue business named “Live lounge” that is located in the heart of the City Centre. I’m treating the project as if they wanted to open up another venue within the capital and that location is the Bone Yard. To reflect on the client I have chosen, I wanted to select this client as I have the first-hand experience of working for the company. I have experienced the bad issues and what Live Lounge is known for and why its always busy. Ideally, I want to use experience with both my work life and my educational life and combine them to create a positive project I have written a brief paragraph of who my client is and will place it know.

After coming to term to who I selected for my client I then went on to create my first in-depth accommodation schedule. To sum up what an accommodation schedule is, It’s a list of different things you need to allow the building your designing to function properly. In past years I have done multiple, but I thought this year to create one in the start of the project but in more depth, than I usually would at this stage.


By having this list at hand, you are reminded of what needs to be placed to create that successful design.  I have learned over the three years of my degree that having this at hand is handy and prevent you from forgetting placing them key items to polish designs off.

Another thing I have learnt throughout my university experience is access to WGSN. Within the discipline of interior design, WGSN isn’t used but it should be. I learn about this platform during my second year within fields of interior styling. As designing is always evolving to new and different trends and themes. As well as COVID-19 impacting all of our life’s, it also impacted design and all work sectors. I want to consider COVID-19 as I want to keep to the rules that we all now kept to and place implements within a design, so it doesn’t look like PPE, or social distanced apparitors. I want to design and place furniture that doesn’t look like it there because it has to because that how you keep a safe environment. I want it to look like it should have been there pre-COVID. This then led me to think of WGSN database and how articles will be approaching the issue at hand in total I found 2 different articles that are starting to inform the design I create three-dimensionally, below is the images I have created to influence and inform my design for the later stages of the project.

While on the topic of WGSN, I took the time took into different trends. I wanted to look into the topic of Trends as I want to give the client, I have chosen a venue that modern but still hold value to what they are as a brand. Instead of repeating myself, I have gone into further depth within the work I have done for the crit I have been leading up to. The trend I have researched, and most resemble the live lounge today is named “Designing with Darkness”.

After finishing with the database WGSN, I then wanted to explore the existing project that surrounding the idea of shipping containers. within the digital sketchbook page, I researched into a series of projects and selected three that I was most drawn to. I have compiled these three projects into the document below – take a look!

To learn from past experiences where I decided not to create hand-drawn, I decided to create some and hold up shame even if they were not the best. The reason I decided to do this was because I wanted to try and learn from feedback given from previous projects. I also allowed me to create versions for the different building I could create and will go on and create in the future. When drawing these structural buildings, I wanted to both draw in 2D and 3D, I created two designs and drew them both 2 & 3 dimensional. The blow image is what I created by hand. 

Once knowing I was able to at least construct scribbles that resembled structural ideas, I then used my initiative to further them idea within the software we use… sketch up. I created these different designs even further as I wanted to add more steps to my designing process, I know now being in the future that it has done me well as one of the original sketches resembles the host structure I have now finalised. From the sketch, I created I then furthered the designs and created 4 sketches up buildings. These different buildings are not to scale, it was an opportunity to use the freedom to just create and get an idea of what I can do with shipping containers. I used the square tube to start, then started to duplicate and join a series of them to gather and the result was a success. 

As I experimented with sketch up, I wanted to explore creating 3D Visuals not just by sketch up.  I used both my designs in sketch up and my primary research and somehow made a series of visuals that incorporated both of the things I already completed to further my design.

The visuals were a starting point to the creation of my final structure I have today, before finalising the structure I needed to research and go through my other design stages to get an accomplished design.

The next stage to that design process was to complete a SWOT Analysis, which is Strength, Weaknesses, opportunity and threat. This is just what it is. Exposes the titles to the location I have chosen the following image will explain more.

This is the stage I had come to when the first crit arises, after having the crit I had feedback and the feedback was to keep working on the project and the way I was work was key to getting a successful project. I also was advised to source different materials that could be economical and will be linked to the shipping containers.

Subject Year 2 -Term 2&3: City Fit End of year 2 Evaluation Post

End of Year Post

Quote of the Year:

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

– dr Seuss

Within my second academic year of university I have acknowledged that I have achieved some accomplishment throughout the year. One of those achievements was when I completed and achieved an interior design project based around the topic of Circular Economy. This project tested me and made me aware of all the things that need to be taken in to around when furnishing and interior. For example, the life of the product and the afterlife of that product. I was educated about and now know what to place within an interior to allow it to become economical.

This then led me to the second acknowledgment as I had a second Circular Economy brief within field. The field study group was interior styling. Within interior styling I needed to create a life scale set using all reclaimed or recycled materials and it turned out phenomenal as my group was amazing to work with as we all got on. I had to learn to adapt and think of new way to make objects out of other products to convey our design aesthetic.

Next year (3rd year) I hope to further improve on my acknowledgements, but also making sure I use the skills I have learnt throughout the past 2. This then will allow me to create a striking interior project and kick start my career within interior design. I also need to think about the obtain of doing a masters within the subject of fine art.

The only goal I have set myself for the next academic year is to be positive and do any opportunity that fits in with the career I have planned for the future. I want to further learn new skills and become more knowledgeable about different software for the industry.

Overall the start of the year was great I was using every day to improve myself. I have opted in to learn about the different machinery Cardiff met offers. for example, I individually decided to learn how to use the laser cutter to create a better model than previously made. When it came to the middle and end of the year I felt as if I have had no support what’s so ever and felt as if I have had to learn by myself. As if I opted to do open university instead of normal uni.

But I look forward to going back and completing my final year.

Subject Year 2 -Term 2&3: City Fit End of Project Evaluation Post

Quote of the term:

“Life is a series of baby steps.”

Hoda Kotb

Overall the project is something I have enjoyed immensely. The project city fit has been something of a challenge. What I mean by this is, when knowing I needed to create a multi-floored building this seemed daunting and nerve raking to create. The overall support within the project has been very limited and very unsupported. I guess this can be blamed on COVID-19, I would like to respond with faster measures needed to be implemented and I believe due to the lack of support and teaching is ridiculous to the amount we pay as student these days. no proper communication was implemented and seemed very lazy of my tutor.

What were come of my most powerful learning moment, well. I think I want to pinpoint this on the fact that I thought I wouldn’t get through this project. With my own determination I believe I have driven my design though to a professional result and to a place where I am proud to say I have designed it.

Another powerful moment for me personally was using knowledge from past projects to portray me designs ethos. for example, using my skills that I learnt within interior styling had helped me create and use a new process on the creating of my designing process.

To improve for my next project, I want to become more matriculas with the creation of my presentation using a limited number of slides to convey my designs as I have a habit of over explain and being matriculas almost being careless.

Subject Year 2 -Term 2&3: City Fit Week 12


Quote of the week:

“Whatever it takes to finish things, finish. You will learn more from a glorious failure than you ever will from something you never finished.”
– Neil Gaiman

During the last week of me finishing off my second-year final project. I firstly finished off my presentation, this presentation shows and displays all of the different details of what I’ve done for the past 12 weeks to finish it at a very professional outcome. The presentation is a long one, I prepausally did this as I wanted to convey my design to its fullest potential my every detail I went through to get to where I am now.

Here is the link to my final presentation:


Now looking at the presentation finished and complete, I question if the presentation is to long as I’ve been known to over present as I like to show the depth of detail I create.

From completing my final presentation, I didn’t notice I needed to create 2 other post that finishes out the project. So, the next two post will be them

Subject Year 2 -Term 2&3: City Fit Week 11

 Quote of the week:

‘The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing’


I can smell the summer air …

For the second to last week before my project is handed in, I’ve been trying to be productive. This unfortunately isn’t the case, during another week of being confined. This is not how I work and it’s hard to be motivated when not in a creative environment THIS IS NOT WHAT I PAY FOR!

During week 11. The first task achieved was to get to slide 44 on my final presentation. “Shit that’s loads for a presentation” you must be thinking. Yeah, I thought to cover all of the different angles that the brief asks for. Not only that, by not handing in a sketch book, how dose my tutor how I have progressed and the volume and standard of work that I have accomplished.

For evidence and to show I have actually accomplished work here is another imager similar to last week, but they are different as the artboard count is much higher in this image below:

Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 20.31.22

I haven’t fully finished my presentation, as I have not yet placed other things that are needed to be placed within it.

The next task I have started and finished is to create and produce a 3D model. As I DO NOT have the resources or space, I have had to resort to making a 1:100 scale of each floor. Each floor has been constructed by using foam board and hot glue. Each of the floor within the host building have the plans that I have changed and all the walls and floor that I have added.

During making this model I think I have achieved the best posable outcome that I could and here are the pictures of the model:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Subject Year 2 -Term 2&3: City Fit Week 10

Quote of the week:

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Walt Disney

At the start of week 10, I thought to start my final presentation as the deadline was approaching. This is a reflection of my past time during fmp’s, because the lockdown is still in place, I wanted to make sure it was completed in advanced as life seems to take over during quarantine.

To advance on my presentation I thought to get everything presented that I have already accomplished within my book and work that I completed previously.

This is an image of me working though my final presentation:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From getting a mass amount of my presentation accomplished, I then moved on to attending my architectural communication/representation tutorial. Within the tutorial I was a bit lost to what we need to have got done and what the tutorial was about. Though attending the lesson, I found out that it was about representational drawing and painting both digital and physical. I have only created my sketch up design, so I hope to create a few designs of my digital design though paintings.

These are what I created:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After having that tutorial with mike, I then had another tutorial that week with Craig. This tutorial was all about tectonics. Before attending the tutorial, we were asked to watch a lecture that was recorded. This then was apparently giving us some sort of an idea what the topic was. If I’m being totally honest, I got parts of the lecture but a vast majority I didn’t understand and was left confused at the end of video. Know attending the tutorial I now understand the whole topic and have had an eye opining experience and now need to start thinking about the small details within my sketch up. For example, the different wooden shelving units I placed within my sketch I could add more detail by using different woods like instead of the units being one solid block. I could implement the detailing of all different woods glued together to get a more detailed outcome. What I have learnt is to think about different finishes. I think is what fuelled me to create more detailed drawings as I wanted to further my development.

This then concluded week 10, my hopes for wee 11 is to finish off my presentation and try and get all of my renderings produced and finished before the final week.



Subject Year 2 -Term 2&3: City Fit Week 9

Quote of the week:

 “I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”
– Marilyn Monroe

During week 9, I made sure to dedicate most of my time finishing my sketch up as I wanted to make sure I learn from past mistake and not leaving it to the last minute.  By focusing on my sketch up I successfully finished all of the 4 different floors and are now ready to produce renders from the model.

But before showing you the finished sketch up model I have also accomplished all of my technical drawing of each floor. These are 4 images of each of the floors, starting off by bottoms floor followed by the above floors.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you have seen all of the working plans of each floors, I have also individually taken images of different viewpoints to successfully convey my designs. Instead of combining all of the images I have decided to separate them by floor.

Basement images:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ground floor images:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

First floor images:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Second floor:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What else have I done this week:

Though out this week I have also tried to start to render my viewpoints, but I have had a problem downloading the software as some of the software is not come with apple products only for windows. I am also not confident with v-ray, I think at this time I will not be able to get the necessary support during this time.

Hopes for next week?

I hope to somehow get the software downloaded on to my mac but the hopes are looking unlikely. I will contact my tutor for advice in the coming days.



Subject Year 2 -Term 2&3: City Fit Week 8

Week 8

Quote of the week:

Dream is the only way for you to escape the miserable reality of your life.

For my 8th post based of the project of city fit, I have decided to talk about the progression I have during my Easter break. One of the first things I need to achieve was to progress within sketch up. With my sketch up model, I have now moved on to start design my ground floor, this floor will be the entrance to witch people will entre and leave. By me spending time design the ground floor I have taken images that show the progression on what I have designed. One of the issued I have come across is now having to implement walls to create a window display and also creating a wall to professionalise the check out. I have also placed walls for the changing room witch I have also placed within the first floor.

Here is the progress I have achieved during the Easter break:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

During the Easter break I haven’t got as much as I wanted to achieve when I come to progressing my sketch up model. This is because I have been solely focusing on creating a body of research towards achieving a strong dissertation research proposal.

During week 8 I have again started to add to my sketch up and also reacting to the feedback that I gained through created a 3rd presentation. During the week I began design for my first floor. One of the things I made sure to do was to look back on the inspirational images I gain though Pinterest. Also, while researching I also looked in to the WGSN trends. Within WGSN there is a section based on retail environment and the different trend that are happening within retail stores. These following images are thing I thought that were relevant to my design.

WGSN images:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For the rest of week 8 I will continue to react to my feedback and continue to finish my sketch up.

Constellation level 5, Learning Journal.

Constellation level 5



Learning Journal

Name: Shaun Morgan

Subject: Interior Design

Dissertation type: 6000-word technical report with presentation or artefact

Planning and completing a dissertation proposal…

Over the past view weeks, I have been constructing my own take on a 6000-word technical report with presentation or artefact proposal. Within the dissertation type I have opted to create my own artefact. Within my research proposal I have selected to relate my proposal to my own subjected area which is interior design. Within the proposal I have decided to base my proposal of the subject of autism otherwise known as ASD and SPD (ASD meaning autistic spectrum disorder and SPD meaning sensory perception disorder.) I intend to discuss how our senses play a huge part on the space we inhabit. Materials, forms and patterns are implemented within a space to create a reaction that links to our emotions, weather that be a positive or negative outcome we still interact with that space. It also allows us to interact with them through object, space and experience. I will also discuss how those people interact through their senses to gain a sensory experience and how public environments that have been deemed to be normal but in reality, for those people it’s not normal. I will outline the negatives and positive on what they need and don’t need within an environment to propose and create a room that contain everything that they want to allow them to have a more positive experience when inhabiting a public environment. Before constructing my research proposal, I was unaware of the seriousness of ASD and what thing we should consider within a design prospective. By me constructing this proposal it has opened my eyes on what I could learn though a series of different conditions and what can be designed for those conditions. I think this proposal opens up a gateway for me as a designer to consider this within every design I produce in the future.

Personally, I feel that I benefitted the most from doing my background reading and also benefitting from having an appointment with the CSAD librarian (Martha), she helps own in on what I could do when it comes to using the met library for sources. Also informing me on what area within ASD and SPD had the most information. One of the sources I have sources I have gained from this appointment was a book named “Sensory Perceptual Issues in Autism Spectrum Conditions” (Harvard reverence: “Bogdashina, O. and Casanova, M., 2016. Sensory Perceptual Issues in Autism Spectrum Conditions. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.”). Within the book I have used a series of quotes from it. For my proposal I have collated a series of different sources from different outlets but the main one being from metasearch.  In total I have gained 10 sources and hope to grow that number through the coming months by using my own personal time to increase my knowledge within the subject area.

Once my research is completed, and I’m satisfied with it, by designing a Sensorial room / pod, I’ll respond to my research. The design would demonstrate the positive design elements that are considered appropriate for an autistic child who often responds to the negative by not including them in the design. This proposed artefact is planned to be Digitally positioned temporarily inside the CSAD exhibition room. I will use the programme called sketch up to successfully design and complete the artefact. Sketch up is a 3D design software that allows me to digitally design spaces within a software as an interior design, before creating space physically. Once the space is created as bee, I will use V-ray or Escapee For making visuals of what my design would look like if it was created. If time is on my side, then I will consider a small-scale model created to represent my artefact as a physical form. This model will be produced using the workshops within CSAD. The aim of this is to demonstrate how a little work will make those children have a better life for their way of thinking and feeling, with environments built.

These are the CSAD plans:

Screenshot 2020-04-23 at 16.55.31

As you can see, I will be producing the design through a scale of 1:100. I have selected this area as I believe that the space is only temporally filled from time through exhibition put on by the student within the CSAD school. It also has disability access and is very spacious, it is also 15m from a toilet which is also disability access. One of the issues I have with the space is where I will have to decide whether the design, I create is going to be perinate or able to be moved or dissembled. At this moment in time I am thinking of designed this environment to be able to be deconstructed and moved. The idea of this is it can work as the artefact and it being able to be installed within other exhibitions around the UK.  This would then result is furthering the idea of designing spaces for people with ASD and SPD.

Within creating my essay, I believe I haven’t had the best of support from my designated tutor, by the result of this I have had to use my initiative and ask other members of staff for advice and help. By me doing so, this has resulted in me finishing the essay within time. I believe if my time management wasn’t as good the research proposal wouldn’t be done, and no support would have been given.

To further reflect on the research, I have proposed I hope to learn from what I have done by individually enhancing my knowledge within the disorder of autism and SPD. Before coming to university, I always admired people with the condition and had mass amount of respect to the parent/ guardians and cares to those people. So now realising that I have accomplished creating a body of research that might help them in their life’s, makes me proud to be a designer.

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