Feild/Subject Year 3 – Term 2/3 : Exposure Post 5

Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2/3 : Exposure Post 5

End of year post

The end of my degree post

Quote of my degree:

‘In the future, I wish to challenge my ability in every way. I want to strengthen my skills and become my own individual interior designer. I hope to find my strengths and weaknesses within the subject and act upon them in a professional manner.’

  • From Shaun Morgan in his first year of university

First, I want to say to the young man above hoping to flourish within the subject, YOU DID IT. All that worrying about if I could make it to this stage was needed but, in the end, you smashed it.

Within my final year of the interior design degree, I have a series of achievement that have gone well. One of them beings completing the year. A couple of months ago I considered deferring a year as I thought last year’s issues would arise since home learning effected my study’s. I can now say that I have completed everything I needed and have come out the other end knowing that covid-19 hasn’t affected my projects in a great deal. I believe I have managed my time in great success, which is the result in an overachieving project.

Another moment within my third year that has went well is, the experience I have gained. I have learnt to tech my self a new program that has shaped and improved my architectural plans to the stranded that’s expected.

Moving away from what went well and asking my self what was my inspiration? My inspiration for this year is from future trends and seeing myself thrive by being a student and a key worker when a pandemic hit. Looking back a few months ago I was pulling 15-hour days to mix both my study’s and holding a job. I know this doesn’t seem like much of an inspiration, but I believe I will look back on this time in future years and ack my self how in the hell did I do it.

Aside from the above, I did have some knock backs. I have needed to take extension, but I found my self in third term needing to apply for one. I know there is no discrimination about taking them, but I wanted to say I got it done in the time frame that I had. I think this was due to, taking more time within the last project to fully understand the new software we needed to teach our selves.

One of the things I would do differently this year, would be to talk more time in my dissertation. Trying to fully understand the topic of study I dived in to. Maybe this would of resulted in a better outcome such as grades.

Aside from that I can say I have attended 90% of my classes, I have engaged in everything I could have, and I have fully committed to the projects I had decided to take on.

How has the combination of Subject, Field and Constellation helped me develop as an individual and unique Interior Designer?

To answer the question above is to say, without commitment and dedication to succeed within my degree I would never be individually shaped to the unique interior designer that I am.

Published by interiordesignbyshaunrmorgs

hey, I'm Shaun. currently studying a BA degree in interior design. As a part of my course I am obligated to post weekly posts, on the progress of the projects I obtain during my 3 years, at Cardiff metropolitan university.

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