Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2/3: Exposure Post 3 (Professional Practice)

Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2: Exposure Post 3 (Professional Practice)

Quote of the post: “Isn’t everyone a part of everyone else?” 
Budd Schulberg

After applying for a series of postgraduate courses, I then wanted to become more individual with the way I approached the module. To be individual I wanted to start to design and create by own company/ brand via social media platform, using platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Before I created these accounts, I need to create a name for the brand and create a logo for that brand.

The name I came up with for my brand is ‘In an Interior’ after getting the name, I then started to construct logo’s and banners for the social media platforms. These logos I created and all the different variations, I have all these different versions as I wanted to see what colours worked best.

Once I seen all the different variation to gather, I then selected the best one to my option and then started to use that on the social media plat forms I created for the brand. As I created these online accounts I took to my initiative and started to most on them several times a week and am still doing so now.

Once I had started to design the logos, I also showed the finalised logos within my presentation. I also display this on a presentation slide, I will also show an image of my presents on social media platforms.

To plan for the future, I decided to take a professional aspect to my presentation and that was to think and create a simple 5-year plan. This 5-year plan highlight all and any aspiration that I can fathom and are highlighted in the slide below

For my last slide within my professional practice presentation I incorporated a summary of this project see below.

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hey, I'm Shaun. currently studying a BA degree in interior design. As a part of my course I am obligated to post weekly posts, on the progress of the projects I obtain during my 3 years, at Cardiff metropolitan university.

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