Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2/3: Exposure Post 2 (Professional Practice)

Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2: Exposure Post 2 (Professional Practice)

Quote of the post: “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

— Winston Churchill

Continuing from the last blog post

Next on my list to include within the presentation was to gather information about how a postgraduate course will increase the employability of an induvial and all the thing you gain from achieving one. I will include the slide below.

After looking through what a master’s course will do for my professional career, I decided to go ahead think about what course I could do.

Once coming to terms with the idea, I then started to look into a series of courses I could apply for. These courses are not just interior related, but design related instead. In the slide, I found six different courses in six different university. These courses were discovered by using the prospects website, see below for the total slide that was created.

Subjects areas ranging from fine art to global design.

The next natural step for this presentation was to create a personal statement that would help my chances on obtaining a position on a postgraduate course. Within the statement I collated a statement that summed me up in less that 500 words. 

This is what I wrote

Another obligation university as for is portfolios, I created mine using wicks and can be found in the below link.

Link to website:

Within my portfolio I have gathered a series of projects that I have created over the past 3 years. 

In the end I chose to apply for the Global Design master’s course in Cardiff metropolitan university, while applying to get on to this course I took some image of me doing it as I wanted to show proof that I actually have done what I said. I placed this within a slide see below:

This concludes blog post two out of three.

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hey, I'm Shaun. currently studying a BA degree in interior design. As a part of my course I am obligated to post weekly posts, on the progress of the projects I obtain during my 3 years, at Cardiff metropolitan university.

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