Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2/3: Exposure Post 1 (Professional Practice)

Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2: Exposure Post 1 (Professional Practice)

Quote of the post: “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

— Chris Grosser


These posts are for professional practice, professional practice is a separate module to the Morgan’s hotel. Therefore, I have made the unique decision to create blog post separate, to allow me as the student to separate them as they do NOT link.

Throughout the three posts I will explain my journey within this model on what I have created and produced for it. The idea of the professional practice project is to produce a 15-slide presentation on what I want after my undergraduate degree.

The creation of the presentation

To start to produce the presentation I wanted to ask myself, Life beyond undergrad…
what’s the plan?

My initial response was, ‘I’m confused on which way to go.’ But after some thought I responded ‘After graduating my undergrad degree, I aim to explore into a series of different ventures that will allow me to exploit myself within the interior design industry. The first venture I am achieving is by obtaining/ souring work experience within the practice.  Obtaining this placement will be the result of producing an interior design CV and portfolio to broadcast the talent I obtain. Finding this by researching out to university lectures for contacts and using platforms such as linked in for both jobs and work experience. The second venture will be to apply for a MA degree at Cardiff Metropolitan university in Global Design, and the last venture will be to progress the brand/ company I have created during spare time.’

From explain the above I went to work on the presentation I included the paragraph above and then started to produce a new Curriculum Vitae (CV). Know writing back about the journey of creating this presentation I believe this is the post hardest thing to produce. Having countless people telling you what’s write and what not write to place within the CV is demanding. Many of those people advising their opinions on what to place within a CV clashed. I summarised what needed to be in a CV and produced the below document. I wanted to take a new spin on a CV adding colour instead of black and white text.

Once the CV was produced, I then created a slide about it. Explain how this is what is needed to prepare me for the interior design industry.

The next task that followed was to start to step into the industry, I did this by applying for jobs and summer internship via indeed and linked in. I applied for numerus of jobs and internships as you will see below, I created two slides from this.

After some time has passed, I have realised that having loads of qualifications isn’t always the way to get a job. These days it seems who you know opposed to what you know, also industry also must post a job even if they already have a suitable candidate, it’s to show decency.

Another thing I have gained, is insight in all thing professional by attending professional practice lecture that were put on by the university weekly.

This concludes post one out of three for professional practice.

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hey, I'm Shaun. currently studying a BA degree in interior design. As a part of my course I am obligated to post weekly posts, on the progress of the projects I obtain during my 3 years, at Cardiff metropolitan university.

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