Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2/3: Exposure Post 2 (Subject)

Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2: Exposure Post 2

Quote of the post:

“I want to explain how exhausted I am. Even in my dreams. How I wake up tired. How I’m being drowned by some kind of black wave.”

– Elizabeth Wurtzel

Following on …

After completing my colour palette, I realised, that some of the mood board I have previously created might not astatically go together. So, I have decided to design the environment to the best I can using the inspiration of the images collected via Pinterest.

After realising the issue above, I then when on to start and construct the building that I had chosen. With the structure I had selected, it holds a lot of exterior architectural detail that I personally t6hought needed to be created and conveyed right. To allow the presentation of the exterior look like the real life building I had sourced. To be able to construct these details I needed to source a series of plans and capture images that I was able to create these details from view. The plans that I have gathered are from the Cardiff Council and have collated them in the following document.

Before fully constructing the building, I thought to research into where the heritage of the building comes from. This is what lead me in to researching into architecture during the 1890’s – 1900’s. This is what I found out:

After finding out a range of different things about the history of the building. It allowed me to look at the building differently. For example, paying close eye to the detail that the building holds, also why not changing the colour of the building is not a good idea.

After successfully constructing and completing the basics of the building, I then started to create a series of different floor plans in total I have created 3 variations and a final one to show what I at least intend to do with the building.

The reason I have created so many bubble diagrams, is to allow my self to be aware of all the different variations that were possible within the building. I wanted to explore what and where I could place or dedicate a space too.

I then collated what I had created. This then led me to go on and create a final bubble diagram to finalise what I need to do with the space. Now looking back and analysing what I created, I have realised a lot has changed since producing the below and above.

During the meantime of creating the bubble diagrams, I was still advancing my sketch up model and trying to learn a new software. Named AutoCAD. Learning this new programme is starting to become challenging. I have watched most of the video the technical demonstrate has produced but it gets to the point were in person teaching need to happen.

My aim is to at least try and get my plans in AutoCAD and make them more professional.

Next on the to-do list was to complete my zoned plans, to reflect on this task I would say I put it off as I wasn’t feeling making many more pages for my presentation. I was in the grove of designing my building and wanted to continue to do that but eventually I created them. In total I have created 1 zoned plan for each floor explaining what I have placed were and what I have changed from the bubble diagrams that were completed previously.

These are the presented A4 documents that are not to scale but with accurate square meterage.

To show the progress of how fast I am producing this designed building, I used imitative to take accurate ISO views of the building and floors. This allows me to show the progress of the project exposure.

Here are the views captured:

For this blog post the above will conclude this second blog post for the project exposure, the third one will follow soon.

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hey, I'm Shaun. currently studying a BA degree in interior design. As a part of my course I am obligated to post weekly posts, on the progress of the projects I obtain during my 3 years, at Cardiff metropolitan university.

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