Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2/3: Exposure Post 3 (Subject)

Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2: Exposure Post 3

Quote of the post:

“Plans are worthless. Planning is essential.”

– Dwight D. Eisenhower

Following from the second post, I decided to do some more research. That research being about circulation within a hotel. This would then inform changes that needed to be made before coming to the final stretch of the design. Looking into this type of research has made me implement a series of changes within my design. Before I talk more about the changes made, I wanted to highlight some of the aspects I have had from the research them being.

  • Creating a home away from home feel will allow visitors to feel more at eased when staying at the hotel.
  • Making everything for everyone and not discriminating on anyone.

This is the document I have created and will include within my final presentation.

The Changes

After looking into the above researched, I then made some changes to the project I was creating. I changed a series of things but highlighted two major things within a slide to show resolved two issues that night accrued if I decided to go ahead with the original ideas. Them issues being the courtyard and basement spa.

I have used annotation to explain it further on the slide, so I have decided to place the slide below for further context.

One of the highlights of this project has been of the creation or I should say the ever-changing spa. At this time, I am working on the key moves on what I have had to do to get to this point and it’s a lot. I will discuss key moves later in this post.

After a few weeks working on a series of different things. I became to realise that I couldn’t just sum up key move within one area of the project, I decided to select three in total. In stead of creating a series of supporting documents I summed these three key moves in my poster.  I have captured sneak peak images of the poster to highlight the key move aspects of this project.


This is the annotation that follows for the key move diagrams.

The presented diagrams are all associated with key moves. I have produced in total a series of 5 diagrams that highlight three major key moves throughout this project. The first two diagrams are dedicated to the variations of sized rooms within the second location for the brand “Morgan’s Hotel”, these diagrams are titled “1 and 1.2”. The rooms within the structure are designed by size I have shown this by dedicating each size with its own colour, size separation by small, medium, and large. (This is explained more above) I wanted to highlight this key move as circulation, price point and party size are all factors to why custom is achieved. Showing that the Morgan hotel is branding with options explains the market that they were once in.

The second key move that is highlighted, is the designed idea for maximum storage. Within the new Morgan’s Hotel circulation was highly thought about, for the hotel to run successfully storage was needed to be considered. While considering different options, thought of simplicity sank in and decided to place four huts for storage. This then contain anything from rubbish and recycling to fresh sheets and stock.

The last and final key move, I have decided to highlight the expansion of the basement. Originally the basement was only a 1/3 of its finished state. I decided to expand this floor as I wanted to be able a spa element to the hotel but containing it to one floor. I have shown the extension by creating two diagrams that highlights the stages that I have gone through to achieve the finished result.

After accomplishing key moves, I then decided to tackle Micro-tectonics. For micro tectonics, I wanted to mention that I struggled with selecting an area of my design to talk about/ highlight. I think the reason for this struggle was from the lack of worth within the project. Eventually I though to highlight an area of my project that has the most time spent on it. That being the spa, in the spa I have highlighted the pool ladder. I have shown this in a series of diagrams in my poster like key moves.

Again, I have captured the diagrams from my poster and have highlighted them below in order.


This is the annotation that follows for the key move diagrams.

The selected micro-tectonic for the project Exposure will be the pools ladder. I have selected this item within my design because I have modified and adapted aspects of the ladder. I have changed aspects to the original component as it didn’t suit the design aesthetic.  To authentically display what I have achieved, I have produced five diagrams in alphabetical order showing details of making both the swimming pool and ladder. The first diagram labelled “A” includes two separate images but from different architectural views, the diagrams explains how the selected tile would be fixed to the concreate Skellington. Following from diagram “A”, diagram “B” is another diagram of the tiles showing the tiles joined. The diagram labelled “C” is of a more zoomed in view of the swimming pool ladder. This diagram has been included as it shows both the lays of the pool and how the water meets the ladder.

Diagrams “D” and “E” are both digitally drawn and scaled, with a monochromatic filter applied to understand the detail more simplistically. Diagram “D” is a 1 to 20 scaled diagram that displays the bracket that’s fixed to the pool wall. Along with all the screws needed. On diagram “E” the bracket is shown in more detail and is scaled at 1 to 3. The diagram “E” has been displayed as a section cut to evidence the liability of the supporting fixture. Both the pool ladder and the bracket are slotted in to one and other, with a screw and bolt supporting it. This then makes the ladder stable and operational as it is then firmly attached to the ground.

The Final Floor plans

The Basement Floor

This Floor is Scaled at 1 : 100 A1

The Ground Floor

This Floor is Scaled at 1 : 100 A1

The First Floor

This Floor is Scaled at 1 : 100 A1

The Second Floor

This Floor is Scaled at 1 : 100 A1


All the final floor plans were creating using Auto Cad.


After completing the series of plan, I then moved on to achieving a total of three different section. The sections captured have been involved in the poster. I decided to place theses section in the poster is because the supporting document would halve scaled sections that would be very small and will be difficult to understand.

These sections are all different view of the four-floor structure.

The three sections:

To reflect on producing these sections is to say that when scaling the whole structure, its been difficult to do same with the Axo’s to come.


AXO’s is another architectural style of drawing that gives a 3D view of the designed proposed. To save time I decided to complete these drawing through sketch up has I have been paused for time throughout these past few days.  These are all of the AXO’s that have been achieved.

Final Renderings

Once the project was completed, I then used the rendering software named Enscape. Once in the rendering stage of my project I decided to render 23 images and have included all in my presentation and decided not to place all the image in the poster as I didn’t want to over clutter it so I selected 6. Here are all the final renderings:

Once the project was completed, I then started to produce my poster for submission. Writing this in the future and taking about the past, I can say that starting this much sooner and not putting it off played to my advantage on other projects. On the other hand, having time to complete this project on its own has given me the clarity to get it up to the standard that I expect from myself.

During creating the poster, I started to prepare my model. The model I decided to create, was a Skellington style model that highlighted the interior work and not the exterior work. Deciding this meant that, I went down the road of creating a model using the laser cutter. I created the plans in illustrator and then cut them to form a model. I used a technique to etch all the floor plans on to the model to allow for more analysation of the building.

This concluded the end of The Morgan’s Hotel project.

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