Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2/3: Exposure Post 1 (Subject)

Field / Subject Year 3 – Term 2: Exposure Post 1

Quote of the post:

“Never be afraid to try something new because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know.” ~ Anonymous


(New Project)

What is the new project?

After Christmas break was over and all of us “students” were all rested, second term started. When that second term started, I was introduced to this new project called Exposure. Exposure is the third year’s field. In this new project I was told to write my own individual brief with next to no restrictions. This got be thinking to what area of interior design I would like to design for, this could be a sector that I have or haven’t previously design within or a new sector. So, for this project I have decided to design for the hospitality sector. I have chosen the sector as I have yet to explore into it and I personally think it will challenge me which I aim to do within my university projects.

Once knowing I wanted to explore into this sector of interior design, I started to construct a brief. I did this by creating an A4 sketchbook page within photoshop, this is what I have come up with.

As you can see, I have selected the Morgan’s Hotel, I have selected this as I have tried to compliment the building selected, the client, area and brief to show all areas have been thought about and to achieve a successful interior design project. The client I have chosen has also been mentioned within the document above and has been explained. The next initial thing I achieve after the above was to finalise the building by researching into it and compiling information to construct two sketch books paged on it one titled Location Chosen and the other Location Info, in these pages’ information was exploited to revile certain aspects of what properties the building has.

After the above I then moved on to researching more into the client I had selected, I wanted to show what they do as a company and how I am going to take what they already do and create a new location to add to their business but with added perks. The Morgan’s Hotel offer a range of different things, them things include a stay, restaurant and a venue to hold weddings and events. This is what I have found out about the Morgan’s Hotel:

Following on from the above, I then wanted to view the new location as I wanted to get a feel for the space. Actually, going to the place took time as I needed a valid reason to why I needed to travel as COVID-19 rules state not to make any non-essential travel.  When coming to the time were able to view the site, I tried to capture everything but wished I had accesses to the inside that would have been an added insight on what I could have achieved.


(Host Building Analyses)

Once arriving at the stage to starting the HBA, I wanted to extend it further than I normally would. Instead of partially explaining what in it, I will just place it below to read.

From what I create in my past project, I thought to highlight aspects of it in more details more than I normally would.

Next to be accomplish was the Schedule of accommodation, with this task I thought to create a detailed list within different areas of the hotel. Within these lists I used areas/ camogie’s such as lobby, restaurant, spas and other see below.  I thought to create this detailed Schedule of accommodation to prove that I am consistently thinking about the need of a hotel, this shows and proved dedication to the project I have selected. In total I have created 2 sketch book pages on this area of the project. (see below)

To reflect on the Schedule of accommodation, I could improve the document by explaining more efficiently using detailed word to accomplish an in-depth explanation.  

From exploring the Schedule of accommodation, I then went on to create a SWOT analysis. There isn’t much to say so I will just place the sketch book page below.

As you can see, I have explored the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats the building has/ faces.

Precedent study’s  

One of the tasks that need to be talked about is the research I accumulate during interior design projects. The reason why research need to be done is to inform the design that need to be created and allows you as a designer to gain influences and thought of things you might not have thought of.

At this early stage of the project exposure, I have created and gain 5 sketch book pages of research the first two of the five pages are researching into existing hotel that share similar values as the project I have created. The hotels I have explored are The Great Eastern Hotel that’s located in London and the other is The Grand Hotel located in Bristol. Here are the digital sketch book pages I have created.

As you can see, I have explained why and what has informed, influenced and exposed me to the information within similar hotels.

The other three sketch book pages are created using WGSN looking into trends and articles that are allowing me to create a scheme for the interior. When researching in the data base I thought to be inclusive in what I select to be included within the project. These are the pages I have created.

I hope it shows the exponential informative research that related to my project exposure.

While on the research stage of the project I thought to use another platform named Pinterest, within this platform I started to form a mood board on influential images as a whole. The types of images selected range of all things interior design and images that interest me as a designer.

Here are the collated images:

Once the mood board was created and finalised, I thought to use a mood board process that was taught to be in year 2. 

That’s process was to create mood board and relate them to aspects of interiors. Them being Textures and Materials, Patterns and Plains Mood and Forms and Shapes Mood. Again, like the above its hard to explain without repeating what I have placed within the mood boards here they are.

The next task to complete was to finalise my colour palette simply done by selecting colours inspired by what I have found or be inspired by this is the result of that, see below.

This concludes post 1.

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