Subject Year 3 -Term 1: Perform Post 3

Subject Year 3 – Term 1: Perform Post 3

Quote of the post:

“I don’t think there is any truth. There are only points of view.” 

– Allen Ginsberg

Final Year!!!!

As advised, this will be my last post about my experience with my final major project. After my second review I decided to focus on the seating creation I design for this following project. To focus on that I wanted to first show and highlight what I have created up until this point. At this stage I have created the idea of the seating arrangement and sourced influences to inform the design I create. The influences I have become influenced by are images sourced though websites online, I say images there are two. One being stain glass and the other being a glass house. The next image shows what stage I am at with the designing of the seating.

Once having an idea on what I wanted to create, I then thought to react to the second crit. This is by looking into structure and glass and how its used correctly. In my first design I placed large pieces of glass but that isn’t realistic as it more likely to crack and be no use. When looking into mu sourced material I found a company that uses alcohol bottles to contract new pieces of glass. This then struck an idea within my brain.  This is the research I compiled.

After being filled with information about structure, I then thought to refine the progress I got to within the designing of seating. I removed all large pieces of glass and inserted a structure to form a glass house, when researching I found out that structure needs to be added to support and allow the design to be more practical. The idea behind designing this seating was to create a space where its design to be socially distanced but not shown for that reason. As if it was before COVID-19 and they have always originated there. A place where they can emerge themselves without thinking about the pandemic. Reflecting on what I have seems to me that I have thought about a different angle of enjoying a place where performance is held. Within the design I have placed seating, ventilation, music and an experience with the stain glass and the sun.

This is what I have originally created:

After finalising the designed seating, I then wanted to create a flow diagram to see if and how I can create a one-way system that can be adhered to within the structure. I have thought to this within the finalised plans. I have taken the floor plans and drawn over them to show how this can be done. Doing this allows the design to show what is capable of doing as certain aspects of my design have been placed purposely to adhere to rules of the pandemic. (feed up of say the C (coronavirus) word. These are the images of my version of a flow plan each image is of a different floor.

The next topic I want to exploit is the experience I have had with sketch up with term. During the start of the project I was wising ahead create the environment around the host site. I enjoyed creating my own structure and selecting whatever client I wanted to design this unique building for. Coming to the end of the project I found it difficult to render any images as the size of the file was too large to render using v-ray. As my building holds a lot of detail, I decided to render in Enscape which saved my arse. These are images of by host building completed but not rendered but sketch up images.

While on the subject of my structure and sketch up I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk about my key moves. For my key moves I have selected 3 different aspects of my structure and have taken the time to explain them more in detail and how I have ended with the design I have today. To reflect on what I have created I could have made another page talking about all the different key moves my building holds.  Instead of talking about what I have created here in the document to allow you to see and read it.

After deciding to highlight my key moves, I then moved on to highlight my Micro-tectonic. Again, I selected 5 things this is what I have talked about. Micro-tectonic is when you look into more depth on the details you’ve placed within your sketch up model. 

As I am coming to the end of the project, I feel a sense of gratitude of getting what I wanted to design done. Next on my list to talk about are the final plans and sections that I have know completed. Each plan and section created is scaled to 1 to 200 as this is the size it would fit one piece of A4. In reflection to what I have created I feel as if I want to say that if I was to look back at my time within third year I wouldn’t regret or say I could have done more.

These are the different plans and sections I have created:

The final thing I obviously wanted to talk about is the finished rendered, my gosh this was a struggle. I think this is one of the hardest things I needed to get done in a short space of time. I say hard but I knew what I was doing out the computer didn’t want to listen. At first, I started to place v-ray lighting within the venue but as I went to render it crashed 8 times and took 7 hours for one image which isn’t ideal when you also work 22 hours a week. After spending 3 consecutive days trying to get v-ray renders I simply give up and switched to Enscape. I’m so thankful I did this but was disappointed on switching. This is because Enscape doesn’t always convey your design in reality and sometimes look cartoon like.

I accomplished a series of renders and this is what I ended up with which I am very pleased and proud of myself.

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hey, I'm Shaun. currently studying a BA degree in interior design. As a part of my course I am obligated to post weekly posts, on the progress of the projects I obtain during my 3 years, at Cardiff metropolitan university.

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