Feild/Subject Year 3 – Term 2/3 : Exposure Post 5

Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2/3 : Exposure Post 5

End of year post

The end of my degree post

Quote of my degree:

‘In the future, I wish to challenge my ability in every way. I want to strengthen my skills and become my own individual interior designer. I hope to find my strengths and weaknesses within the subject and act upon them in a professional manner.’

  • From Shaun Morgan in his first year of university

First, I want to say to the young man above hoping to flourish within the subject, YOU DID IT. All that worrying about if I could make it to this stage was needed but, in the end, you smashed it.

Within my final year of the interior design degree, I have a series of achievement that have gone well. One of them beings completing the year. A couple of months ago I considered deferring a year as I thought last year’s issues would arise since home learning effected my study’s. I can now say that I have completed everything I needed and have come out the other end knowing that covid-19 hasn’t affected my projects in a great deal. I believe I have managed my time in great success, which is the result in an overachieving project.

Another moment within my third year that has went well is, the experience I have gained. I have learnt to tech my self a new program that has shaped and improved my architectural plans to the stranded that’s expected.

Moving away from what went well and asking my self what was my inspiration? My inspiration for this year is from future trends and seeing myself thrive by being a student and a key worker when a pandemic hit. Looking back a few months ago I was pulling 15-hour days to mix both my study’s and holding a job. I know this doesn’t seem like much of an inspiration, but I believe I will look back on this time in future years and ack my self how in the hell did I do it.

Aside from the above, I did have some knock backs. I have needed to take extension, but I found my self in third term needing to apply for one. I know there is no discrimination about taking them, but I wanted to say I got it done in the time frame that I had. I think this was due to, taking more time within the last project to fully understand the new software we needed to teach our selves.

One of the things I would do differently this year, would be to talk more time in my dissertation. Trying to fully understand the topic of study I dived in to. Maybe this would of resulted in a better outcome such as grades.

Aside from that I can say I have attended 90% of my classes, I have engaged in everything I could have, and I have fully committed to the projects I had decided to take on.

How has the combination of Subject, Field and Constellation helped me develop as an individual and unique Interior Designer?

To answer the question above is to say, without commitment and dedication to succeed within my degree I would never be individually shaped to the unique interior designer that I am.

Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2/3 : Exposure Post 4

Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2/3 : Exposure Post 4

End of Module post

Quote of the Module:

“Don’t mistake activity with achievement.”

– John Wooden


This following post will highlight post my Professional Practice project and my Morgan’s Hotel project. The aim of the post is to reflect on both projects. Identifying issues and highlighting strengths found when completing them.

The Post

Throughout the two projects, I have experienced some growth within the interior design discipline. I say this as I have independently learnt to grow within myself and create a routine to complete work without being in an educational environment. I believe any student that has made I this fair considering the circumstances deserves a pat on the back because it has not been easy in the slightest. Another moment within the projects that have went well is being able to completely find out own working ways, this has lean me to know how I would work with out being shadows by a tutor. Learning to dedicate time and micromanaging task to complete them by a deadline.

Another angle of going through this time is knowing that the internet is there, never really knowing how resourceful it is. Exploiting google by searching endless things. As a tutor isn’t them to ask or passing in a corridor to ask a brief question. I’ve learnt more to ask people that most closet to me to see if they would know thing. Sharing and explaining resources to help one another.

Also, I have learnt when starting a new project is to explore a new sector that I haven’t focused on before. For example, within this final year I haven’t explore the hospitality industry so that’s what I decided to focus on within the final year of my degree

For the ‘Exposure Projects’ inspiration has been gained through general life and WGSN. Exploring new and inviting trends that are to come and knowing that industry is changing but is still stable. Within the Morgan’s Hotel project, I gained inspiration from the trend Designing with Darkness and Earth elements. These trends help shape the basement spa that I have focused on. I say I have focused on this as, I have learnt that the first-floor plan maybe isn’t the one and the fifth one will be.

The things that didn’t go as well was the lack of consideration from tutor’s perspective. Many students including myself, approached tutors within the course and asked for more and was shut down due to the lack of attendance from other students. Why should the student be affected by the majority?

In reality, we had one hour on a Monday to ask question about a lecture that was uploaded on the Sunday pri. (this went on for several weeks) don’t get me wrong I have learnt many things from these lectures but having a dedicated hour on it isn’t what is needed. This is because me as a student is only getting 1 hour and 20 minutes a week contact time that’s scheduled this is excluding the optional drop-in sessions for technical tutorials. Were is my £9,000 going ???????????

Another thing that I didn’t expect to happen in these projects was needing to take and extension to be able to complete all three different projects that I had going on at once.

The things I would do differently next time would be to try and work in different environments and I believe working on a projects in an environment where everyone that you live with need your help is hard saying no to them. That the only thing I would do differently as I have some what enjoyed the work I have produced.

My interior design process has changed, I didn’t know before how I would get through it. Being on my own with out the full support from tutors has shown me how I can leave university. I can now say that I am ready for the next step within my educational journey.

Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2/3: Exposure Post 3 (Professional Practice)

Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2: Exposure Post 3 (Professional Practice)

Quote of the post: “Isn’t everyone a part of everyone else?” 
Budd Schulberg

After applying for a series of postgraduate courses, I then wanted to become more individual with the way I approached the module. To be individual I wanted to start to design and create by own company/ brand via social media platform, using platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Before I created these accounts, I need to create a name for the brand and create a logo for that brand.

The name I came up with for my brand is ‘In an Interior’ after getting the name, I then started to construct logo’s and banners for the social media platforms. These logos I created and all the different variations, I have all these different versions as I wanted to see what colours worked best.

Once I seen all the different variation to gather, I then selected the best one to my option and then started to use that on the social media plat forms I created for the brand. As I created these online accounts I took to my initiative and started to most on them several times a week and am still doing so now.

Once I had started to design the logos, I also showed the finalised logos within my presentation. I also display this on a presentation slide, I will also show an image of my presents on social media platforms.

To plan for the future, I decided to take a professional aspect to my presentation and that was to think and create a simple 5-year plan. This 5-year plan highlight all and any aspiration that I can fathom and are highlighted in the slide below

For my last slide within my professional practice presentation I incorporated a summary of this project see below.

Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2/3: Exposure Post 2 (Professional Practice)

Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2: Exposure Post 2 (Professional Practice)

Quote of the post: “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

— Winston Churchill

Continuing from the last blog post

Next on my list to include within the presentation was to gather information about how a postgraduate course will increase the employability of an induvial and all the thing you gain from achieving one. I will include the slide below.

After looking through what a master’s course will do for my professional career, I decided to go ahead think about what course I could do.

Once coming to terms with the idea, I then started to look into a series of courses I could apply for. These courses are not just interior related, but design related instead. In the slide, I found six different courses in six different university. These courses were discovered by using the prospects website, see below for the total slide that was created.

Subjects areas ranging from fine art to global design.

The next natural step for this presentation was to create a personal statement that would help my chances on obtaining a position on a postgraduate course. Within the statement I collated a statement that summed me up in less that 500 words. 

This is what I wrote

Another obligation university as for is portfolios, I created mine using wicks and can be found in the below link.

Link to website: https://www.cardiffmet.ac.uk/artanddesign/courses/Pages/Global-Design-Masters-Degree.aspx

Within my portfolio I have gathered a series of projects that I have created over the past 3 years. 

In the end I chose to apply for the Global Design master’s course in Cardiff metropolitan university, while applying to get on to this course I took some image of me doing it as I wanted to show proof that I actually have done what I said. I placed this within a slide see below:

This concludes blog post two out of three.

Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2/3: Exposure Post 1 (Professional Practice)

Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2: Exposure Post 1 (Professional Practice)

Quote of the post: “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

— Chris Grosser


These posts are for professional practice, professional practice is a separate module to the Morgan’s hotel. Therefore, I have made the unique decision to create blog post separate, to allow me as the student to separate them as they do NOT link.

Throughout the three posts I will explain my journey within this model on what I have created and produced for it. The idea of the professional practice project is to produce a 15-slide presentation on what I want after my undergraduate degree.

The creation of the presentation

To start to produce the presentation I wanted to ask myself, Life beyond undergrad…
what’s the plan?

My initial response was, ‘I’m confused on which way to go.’ But after some thought I responded ‘After graduating my undergrad degree, I aim to explore into a series of different ventures that will allow me to exploit myself within the interior design industry. The first venture I am achieving is by obtaining/ souring work experience within the practice.  Obtaining this placement will be the result of producing an interior design CV and portfolio to broadcast the talent I obtain. Finding this by researching out to university lectures for contacts and using platforms such as linked in for both jobs and work experience. The second venture will be to apply for a MA degree at Cardiff Metropolitan university in Global Design, and the last venture will be to progress the brand/ company I have created during spare time.’

From explain the above I went to work on the presentation I included the paragraph above and then started to produce a new Curriculum Vitae (CV). Know writing back about the journey of creating this presentation I believe this is the post hardest thing to produce. Having countless people telling you what’s write and what not write to place within the CV is demanding. Many of those people advising their opinions on what to place within a CV clashed. I summarised what needed to be in a CV and produced the below document. I wanted to take a new spin on a CV adding colour instead of black and white text.

Once the CV was produced, I then created a slide about it. Explain how this is what is needed to prepare me for the interior design industry.

The next task that followed was to start to step into the industry, I did this by applying for jobs and summer internship via indeed and linked in. I applied for numerus of jobs and internships as you will see below, I created two slides from this.

After some time has passed, I have realised that having loads of qualifications isn’t always the way to get a job. These days it seems who you know opposed to what you know, also industry also must post a job even if they already have a suitable candidate, it’s to show decency.

Another thing I have gained, is insight in all thing professional by attending professional practice lecture that were put on by the university weekly.

This concludes post one out of three for professional practice.

Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2/3: Exposure Post 3 (Subject)

Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2: Exposure Post 3

Quote of the post:

“Plans are worthless. Planning is essential.”

– Dwight D. Eisenhower

Following from the second post, I decided to do some more research. That research being about circulation within a hotel. This would then inform changes that needed to be made before coming to the final stretch of the design. Looking into this type of research has made me implement a series of changes within my design. Before I talk more about the changes made, I wanted to highlight some of the aspects I have had from the research them being.

  • Creating a home away from home feel will allow visitors to feel more at eased when staying at the hotel.
  • Making everything for everyone and not discriminating on anyone.

This is the document I have created and will include within my final presentation.

The Changes

After looking into the above researched, I then made some changes to the project I was creating. I changed a series of things but highlighted two major things within a slide to show resolved two issues that night accrued if I decided to go ahead with the original ideas. Them issues being the courtyard and basement spa.

I have used annotation to explain it further on the slide, so I have decided to place the slide below for further context.

One of the highlights of this project has been of the creation or I should say the ever-changing spa. At this time, I am working on the key moves on what I have had to do to get to this point and it’s a lot. I will discuss key moves later in this post.

After a few weeks working on a series of different things. I became to realise that I couldn’t just sum up key move within one area of the project, I decided to select three in total. In stead of creating a series of supporting documents I summed these three key moves in my poster.  I have captured sneak peak images of the poster to highlight the key move aspects of this project.


This is the annotation that follows for the key move diagrams.

The presented diagrams are all associated with key moves. I have produced in total a series of 5 diagrams that highlight three major key moves throughout this project. The first two diagrams are dedicated to the variations of sized rooms within the second location for the brand “Morgan’s Hotel”, these diagrams are titled “1 and 1.2”. The rooms within the structure are designed by size I have shown this by dedicating each size with its own colour, size separation by small, medium, and large. (This is explained more above) I wanted to highlight this key move as circulation, price point and party size are all factors to why custom is achieved. Showing that the Morgan hotel is branding with options explains the market that they were once in.

The second key move that is highlighted, is the designed idea for maximum storage. Within the new Morgan’s Hotel circulation was highly thought about, for the hotel to run successfully storage was needed to be considered. While considering different options, thought of simplicity sank in and decided to place four huts for storage. This then contain anything from rubbish and recycling to fresh sheets and stock.

The last and final key move, I have decided to highlight the expansion of the basement. Originally the basement was only a 1/3 of its finished state. I decided to expand this floor as I wanted to be able a spa element to the hotel but containing it to one floor. I have shown the extension by creating two diagrams that highlights the stages that I have gone through to achieve the finished result.

After accomplishing key moves, I then decided to tackle Micro-tectonics. For micro tectonics, I wanted to mention that I struggled with selecting an area of my design to talk about/ highlight. I think the reason for this struggle was from the lack of worth within the project. Eventually I though to highlight an area of my project that has the most time spent on it. That being the spa, in the spa I have highlighted the pool ladder. I have shown this in a series of diagrams in my poster like key moves.

Again, I have captured the diagrams from my poster and have highlighted them below in order.


This is the annotation that follows for the key move diagrams.

The selected micro-tectonic for the project Exposure will be the pools ladder. I have selected this item within my design because I have modified and adapted aspects of the ladder. I have changed aspects to the original component as it didn’t suit the design aesthetic.  To authentically display what I have achieved, I have produced five diagrams in alphabetical order showing details of making both the swimming pool and ladder. The first diagram labelled “A” includes two separate images but from different architectural views, the diagrams explains how the selected tile would be fixed to the concreate Skellington. Following from diagram “A”, diagram “B” is another diagram of the tiles showing the tiles joined. The diagram labelled “C” is of a more zoomed in view of the swimming pool ladder. This diagram has been included as it shows both the lays of the pool and how the water meets the ladder.

Diagrams “D” and “E” are both digitally drawn and scaled, with a monochromatic filter applied to understand the detail more simplistically. Diagram “D” is a 1 to 20 scaled diagram that displays the bracket that’s fixed to the pool wall. Along with all the screws needed. On diagram “E” the bracket is shown in more detail and is scaled at 1 to 3. The diagram “E” has been displayed as a section cut to evidence the liability of the supporting fixture. Both the pool ladder and the bracket are slotted in to one and other, with a screw and bolt supporting it. This then makes the ladder stable and operational as it is then firmly attached to the ground.

The Final Floor plans

The Basement Floor

This Floor is Scaled at 1 : 100 A1

The Ground Floor

This Floor is Scaled at 1 : 100 A1

The First Floor

This Floor is Scaled at 1 : 100 A1

The Second Floor

This Floor is Scaled at 1 : 100 A1


All the final floor plans were creating using Auto Cad.


After completing the series of plan, I then moved on to achieving a total of three different section. The sections captured have been involved in the poster. I decided to place theses section in the poster is because the supporting document would halve scaled sections that would be very small and will be difficult to understand.

These sections are all different view of the four-floor structure.

The three sections:

To reflect on producing these sections is to say that when scaling the whole structure, its been difficult to do same with the Axo’s to come.


AXO’s is another architectural style of drawing that gives a 3D view of the designed proposed. To save time I decided to complete these drawing through sketch up has I have been paused for time throughout these past few days.  These are all of the AXO’s that have been achieved.

Final Renderings

Once the project was completed, I then used the rendering software named Enscape. Once in the rendering stage of my project I decided to render 23 images and have included all in my presentation and decided not to place all the image in the poster as I didn’t want to over clutter it so I selected 6. Here are all the final renderings:

Once the project was completed, I then started to produce my poster for submission. Writing this in the future and taking about the past, I can say that starting this much sooner and not putting it off played to my advantage on other projects. On the other hand, having time to complete this project on its own has given me the clarity to get it up to the standard that I expect from myself.

During creating the poster, I started to prepare my model. The model I decided to create, was a Skellington style model that highlighted the interior work and not the exterior work. Deciding this meant that, I went down the road of creating a model using the laser cutter. I created the plans in illustrator and then cut them to form a model. I used a technique to etch all the floor plans on to the model to allow for more analysation of the building.

This concluded the end of The Morgan’s Hotel project.

Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2/3: Exposure Post 2 (Subject)

Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2: Exposure Post 2

Quote of the post:

“I want to explain how exhausted I am. Even in my dreams. How I wake up tired. How I’m being drowned by some kind of black wave.”

– Elizabeth Wurtzel

Following on …

After completing my colour palette, I realised, that some of the mood board I have previously created might not astatically go together. So, I have decided to design the environment to the best I can using the inspiration of the images collected via Pinterest.

After realising the issue above, I then when on to start and construct the building that I had chosen. With the structure I had selected, it holds a lot of exterior architectural detail that I personally t6hought needed to be created and conveyed right. To allow the presentation of the exterior look like the real life building I had sourced. To be able to construct these details I needed to source a series of plans and capture images that I was able to create these details from view. The plans that I have gathered are from the Cardiff Council and have collated them in the following document.

Before fully constructing the building, I thought to research into where the heritage of the building comes from. This is what lead me in to researching into architecture during the 1890’s – 1900’s. This is what I found out:

After finding out a range of different things about the history of the building. It allowed me to look at the building differently. For example, paying close eye to the detail that the building holds, also why not changing the colour of the building is not a good idea.

After successfully constructing and completing the basics of the building, I then started to create a series of different floor plans in total I have created 3 variations and a final one to show what I at least intend to do with the building.

The reason I have created so many bubble diagrams, is to allow my self to be aware of all the different variations that were possible within the building. I wanted to explore what and where I could place or dedicate a space too.

I then collated what I had created. This then led me to go on and create a final bubble diagram to finalise what I need to do with the space. Now looking back and analysing what I created, I have realised a lot has changed since producing the below and above.

During the meantime of creating the bubble diagrams, I was still advancing my sketch up model and trying to learn a new software. Named AutoCAD. Learning this new programme is starting to become challenging. I have watched most of the video the technical demonstrate has produced but it gets to the point were in person teaching need to happen.

My aim is to at least try and get my plans in AutoCAD and make them more professional.

Next on the to-do list was to complete my zoned plans, to reflect on this task I would say I put it off as I wasn’t feeling making many more pages for my presentation. I was in the grove of designing my building and wanted to continue to do that but eventually I created them. In total I have created 1 zoned plan for each floor explaining what I have placed were and what I have changed from the bubble diagrams that were completed previously.

These are the presented A4 documents that are not to scale but with accurate square meterage.

To show the progress of how fast I am producing this designed building, I used imitative to take accurate ISO views of the building and floors. This allows me to show the progress of the project exposure.

Here are the views captured:

For this blog post the above will conclude this second blog post for the project exposure, the third one will follow soon.

Field/Subject Year 3 – Term 2/3: Exposure Post 1 (Subject)

Field / Subject Year 3 – Term 2: Exposure Post 1

Quote of the post:

“Never be afraid to try something new because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know.” ~ Anonymous


(New Project)

What is the new project?

After Christmas break was over and all of us “students” were all rested, second term started. When that second term started, I was introduced to this new project called Exposure. Exposure is the third year’s field. In this new project I was told to write my own individual brief with next to no restrictions. This got be thinking to what area of interior design I would like to design for, this could be a sector that I have or haven’t previously design within or a new sector. So, for this project I have decided to design for the hospitality sector. I have chosen the sector as I have yet to explore into it and I personally think it will challenge me which I aim to do within my university projects.

Once knowing I wanted to explore into this sector of interior design, I started to construct a brief. I did this by creating an A4 sketchbook page within photoshop, this is what I have come up with.

As you can see, I have selected the Morgan’s Hotel, I have selected this as I have tried to compliment the building selected, the client, area and brief to show all areas have been thought about and to achieve a successful interior design project. The client I have chosen has also been mentioned within the document above and has been explained. The next initial thing I achieve after the above was to finalise the building by researching into it and compiling information to construct two sketch books paged on it one titled Location Chosen and the other Location Info, in these pages’ information was exploited to revile certain aspects of what properties the building has.

After the above I then moved on to researching more into the client I had selected, I wanted to show what they do as a company and how I am going to take what they already do and create a new location to add to their business but with added perks. The Morgan’s Hotel offer a range of different things, them things include a stay, restaurant and a venue to hold weddings and events. This is what I have found out about the Morgan’s Hotel:

Following on from the above, I then wanted to view the new location as I wanted to get a feel for the space. Actually, going to the place took time as I needed a valid reason to why I needed to travel as COVID-19 rules state not to make any non-essential travel.  When coming to the time were able to view the site, I tried to capture everything but wished I had accesses to the inside that would have been an added insight on what I could have achieved.


(Host Building Analyses)

Once arriving at the stage to starting the HBA, I wanted to extend it further than I normally would. Instead of partially explaining what in it, I will just place it below to read.

From what I create in my past project, I thought to highlight aspects of it in more details more than I normally would.

Next to be accomplish was the Schedule of accommodation, with this task I thought to create a detailed list within different areas of the hotel. Within these lists I used areas/ camogie’s such as lobby, restaurant, spas and other see below.  I thought to create this detailed Schedule of accommodation to prove that I am consistently thinking about the need of a hotel, this shows and proved dedication to the project I have selected. In total I have created 2 sketch book pages on this area of the project. (see below)

To reflect on the Schedule of accommodation, I could improve the document by explaining more efficiently using detailed word to accomplish an in-depth explanation.  

From exploring the Schedule of accommodation, I then went on to create a SWOT analysis. There isn’t much to say so I will just place the sketch book page below.

As you can see, I have explored the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats the building has/ faces.

Precedent study’s  

One of the tasks that need to be talked about is the research I accumulate during interior design projects. The reason why research need to be done is to inform the design that need to be created and allows you as a designer to gain influences and thought of things you might not have thought of.

At this early stage of the project exposure, I have created and gain 5 sketch book pages of research the first two of the five pages are researching into existing hotel that share similar values as the project I have created. The hotels I have explored are The Great Eastern Hotel that’s located in London and the other is The Grand Hotel located in Bristol. Here are the digital sketch book pages I have created.

As you can see, I have explained why and what has informed, influenced and exposed me to the information within similar hotels.

The other three sketch book pages are created using WGSN looking into trends and articles that are allowing me to create a scheme for the interior. When researching in the data base I thought to be inclusive in what I select to be included within the project. These are the pages I have created.

I hope it shows the exponential informative research that related to my project exposure.

While on the research stage of the project I thought to use another platform named Pinterest, within this platform I started to form a mood board on influential images as a whole. The types of images selected range of all things interior design and images that interest me as a designer.

Here are the collated images:

Once the mood board was created and finalised, I thought to use a mood board process that was taught to be in year 2. 

That’s process was to create mood board and relate them to aspects of interiors. Them being Textures and Materials, Patterns and Plains Mood and Forms and Shapes Mood. Again, like the above its hard to explain without repeating what I have placed within the mood boards here they are.

The next task to complete was to finalise my colour palette simply done by selecting colours inspired by what I have found or be inspired by this is the result of that, see below.

This concludes post 1.

Subject Year 3 -Term 1: End of Project

Subject Year 3 -Term 1: End of Project

Quote of the term:

“The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.”
– Charles R Swindoll, pastor & author

Final Year !!!!

The Reflection:

My first response to this final project being completed was relief. I say ‘relief’ as all this term I had the motto of do everything I can so I would be able to say I could have done better. I can now say that I can’t say that as ‘I have worked the best to my own ability and achieved an impressive overall project’. In this reflection I can say I have mostly positive opinion regarding to the work I have produced and hardly any negatives.

One of the positive that I can reflect on within the project preform, was the exploration of detail placed within the host building I created and decorated. This is what I wanted and did achieve was to convey a brand that is already established as a company, while not changing it too much to make my selected client unrecognised.

Some of the most interesting aspects of this project is the colossal amount of research I placed within my project as I wanted to get it right. Another aspect of this would have to be the seating I created for the courtyard, this is something I would love to create in real life and commercialise it. 

Adasen to that one of the most challenging part was giving myself a large building to accomplish in a small scale. Also achieving the render in a small scale of time.

To summarise both aspects of the project I would have to say the most powerful learning moments would be achieving a COVID-19 friendly building. Aside from that one of the most interesting things I have learnt is the detail within structure and class, one of the lectures was on this witch inspired the detailed aspects of my whole design. exploring what you need to support a floor and hut to prove the eligibility of it.

Once knowing what I was doing the rest of the project came along in hand, I think because I worked for the client, I selected I knew a lot of what went on first-hand experience as such.

One of the things within the project that “got in the way” was trying to balance a part time job and education. This is something I can now say I can accomplish as I like having things to do it keeps me driven to achieve the best in life.

But overall I can somewhat say I have become an interior designer that I wanted to be.

Subject Year 3 -Term 1: Perform Post 3

Subject Year 3 – Term 1: Perform Post 3

Quote of the post:

“I don’t think there is any truth. There are only points of view.” 

– Allen Ginsberg

Final Year!!!!

As advised, this will be my last post about my experience with my final major project. After my second review I decided to focus on the seating creation I design for this following project. To focus on that I wanted to first show and highlight what I have created up until this point. At this stage I have created the idea of the seating arrangement and sourced influences to inform the design I create. The influences I have become influenced by are images sourced though websites online, I say images there are two. One being stain glass and the other being a glass house. The next image shows what stage I am at with the designing of the seating.

Once having an idea on what I wanted to create, I then thought to react to the second crit. This is by looking into structure and glass and how its used correctly. In my first design I placed large pieces of glass but that isn’t realistic as it more likely to crack and be no use. When looking into mu sourced material I found a company that uses alcohol bottles to contract new pieces of glass. This then struck an idea within my brain.  This is the research I compiled.

After being filled with information about structure, I then thought to refine the progress I got to within the designing of seating. I removed all large pieces of glass and inserted a structure to form a glass house, when researching I found out that structure needs to be added to support and allow the design to be more practical. The idea behind designing this seating was to create a space where its design to be socially distanced but not shown for that reason. As if it was before COVID-19 and they have always originated there. A place where they can emerge themselves without thinking about the pandemic. Reflecting on what I have seems to me that I have thought about a different angle of enjoying a place where performance is held. Within the design I have placed seating, ventilation, music and an experience with the stain glass and the sun.

This is what I have originally created:

After finalising the designed seating, I then wanted to create a flow diagram to see if and how I can create a one-way system that can be adhered to within the structure. I have thought to this within the finalised plans. I have taken the floor plans and drawn over them to show how this can be done. Doing this allows the design to show what is capable of doing as certain aspects of my design have been placed purposely to adhere to rules of the pandemic. (feed up of say the C (coronavirus) word. These are the images of my version of a flow plan each image is of a different floor.

The next topic I want to exploit is the experience I have had with sketch up with term. During the start of the project I was wising ahead create the environment around the host site. I enjoyed creating my own structure and selecting whatever client I wanted to design this unique building for. Coming to the end of the project I found it difficult to render any images as the size of the file was too large to render using v-ray. As my building holds a lot of detail, I decided to render in Enscape which saved my arse. These are images of by host building completed but not rendered but sketch up images.

While on the subject of my structure and sketch up I thought I’d take the opportunity to talk about my key moves. For my key moves I have selected 3 different aspects of my structure and have taken the time to explain them more in detail and how I have ended with the design I have today. To reflect on what I have created I could have made another page talking about all the different key moves my building holds.  Instead of talking about what I have created here in the document to allow you to see and read it.

After deciding to highlight my key moves, I then moved on to highlight my Micro-tectonic. Again, I selected 5 things this is what I have talked about. Micro-tectonic is when you look into more depth on the details you’ve placed within your sketch up model. 

As I am coming to the end of the project, I feel a sense of gratitude of getting what I wanted to design done. Next on my list to talk about are the final plans and sections that I have know completed. Each plan and section created is scaled to 1 to 200 as this is the size it would fit one piece of A4. In reflection to what I have created I feel as if I want to say that if I was to look back at my time within third year I wouldn’t regret or say I could have done more.

These are the different plans and sections I have created:

The final thing I obviously wanted to talk about is the finished rendered, my gosh this was a struggle. I think this is one of the hardest things I needed to get done in a short space of time. I say hard but I knew what I was doing out the computer didn’t want to listen. At first, I started to place v-ray lighting within the venue but as I went to render it crashed 8 times and took 7 hours for one image which isn’t ideal when you also work 22 hours a week. After spending 3 consecutive days trying to get v-ray renders I simply give up and switched to Enscape. I’m so thankful I did this but was disappointed on switching. This is because Enscape doesn’t always convey your design in reality and sometimes look cartoon like.

I accomplished a series of renders and this is what I ended up with which I am very pleased and proud of myself.

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